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Why is my daughter STILL have constant foot pain?

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  • Posted By: pfiggs1
  • December 8, 2008
  • 05:48 AM

On Oct. 27th (Tuesday), I picked up my 7 yr. old daughter from her after-school program and she was limping and complained of foot pain. I kind of shrugged it off and had her play in her final soccer game that night. On Halloween, she didn't want to trick or treat and could not put any weight on her foot. I took her to her drs. Sat. clinic and they did x-rays and they came out fine. Said to have her rest, ice, keep it up over the weekend and if not better by Monday, go back. Stayed in bed all weekend (turned down sleep over at best friend's house, etc...) and generally didn't feel well. Took her back the next week, saw ortho., negative MRI of foot and ankle, negative bone scan. Gave her a "boot" and she was still on Lortab every 6 hrs. and ibuprofen around the clock -- constant pain. Went to 2nd ortho and he put on a cast. She had a cast for 3 weeks and by the end of the 3 weeks seemed to be getting around fairly well on the cast,although she still had considerable pain on a daily basis. She had the cast removed on Thursday. She was still unable to put any weight on her foot and was having even more pain. They did more x-rays and Dr. said that he didn't see any breaks or indications that there had been a break that was now healing. He recommended her wearing the boot for an additional 3 weeks and we go back on the 29th to check things out.
She is in as much pain now as she was before the cast and has been pretty inactive all weekend, even when we were trying to do holiday things. We got her up and were going to go to church today and she just collapsed on the floor and sobbed because her foot was hurting so badly -- she can't move her leg very much and has to have help putting her pants on/off and getting seated on the toilet. I stayed home with her and she spent the entire day in bed, under the covers, crying on and off about the pain. She ran a fever of about 100 all day. She has also been complaining of abdominal pain and headaches (on/off for about 2 wks) and is pale.
This is a child that is very athletic, active, and is never sick or a complainer. Since she is only 7 -- her turning down sleep overs, parties, trick or treating, holiday decorating, etc...is a pretty good indicator that she REALLY is feeling pretty lousy! I emailed her dr. tonight and told her all that has transpired since the removal of the cast and they are planning to do more blood work this next week I guess -- to rule out mono and she said something about an MRI of her lumbar spine??
What could it be????

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  • I may have something for you! I am now almost 16 but when I was about 10 or 11 I had a sudden onset of TERRIBLE foot pain in my left foot! I couldn't put any weight on it and I was miserable. I was put on crutches for 2 weeks until I went to see an orthopedic surgeon. He examined it an realized that I had very limited mobility in it. He suggested (what you don't have done) a CAT scan. This showed that I had a left tarsal coalition (I forget the exact name). He said that it is not common but it is not rare. Within the week I had surgery to fix the problem. I ended up being on crutches for 3 months and the recovery was very smooth- no physical therapy necessary!This problem is hereditary and developed before birth and sometimes just appears. I now have low mobility in that foot, a substantial scar and may have arthritis one day. But I must say, this was the most successful surgery I've ever had! I really hope this helps you!! Best of Luck!
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    • December 9, 2008
    • 01:10 AM
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  • What kind of pain is it burning, sharp, shooting ect. I would look into the possiblity of RSD reflex sympathetic dystrophy. It is caused by some kind of nerve damage from just twisting an ankle to just bumping yourself. The way you describe the cast making it worst is exactly what it does to RSD patients. I would find a doctor who knows alot about RSD to get it ruled out, the sooner its diagnosed if it is RSD the better so you can start treatment and keep it from sreading. Look at RSDSA.org, or the rsdfoundation.com to read about it. One thing if you do suspect it might be RSD dont put anymore ice on it as it is extreamly bad for RSD and just helps it to spread quicker. I hope you will find a answer to her pain.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 22, 2008
    • 09:27 PM
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