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Why have i never orgasmed ever (male)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 15, 2011
  • 03:24 PM

Does anybody have an idea why this could be im too embaressed to go to the doctors,

ill go into abit more detail below

im a male aged 20, ive never had an orgasm, when i masturbate i ejaculate an sperm comes out although when i was a few years younger it was a clearish liquid differrent to the stuff that comes out now, when i do masturbate i ejaculate after a few minutes but nothing at all it just comes out and thats it nothing happens, also i think i was a late bloomer

if any body has any idea what this could be, i would be very greatfull as it really is affecting my life now im older,

(its not a phsychological thing either ive tried alot of different things and im not a prude about sex or anything like that)

thanks for your help, if you need any more detail feel free to ask

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  • it may be some kind of neurological problem, for example, some cerebral centres in your brain was damaged or due to disfunction/dystriophy nerves in your CNS, something like that
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  • im a male aged 20, ive never had an orgasm, when i masturbate i ejaculate an sperm comes out although when i was a few years younger it was a clearish liquid differrent to the stuff that comes out nowso, I am a female so I can't relate but I thought if you ejaculated, that WAS an orgasm? also, perhaps when you were "young", you only had seminal fluid and NOW you have sperm? it's worth checking out to see what your sperm count is. You can even probably do this for free by going to a baby clinic and donating sperm. If it's not good, they will let you know...but you have to be willing to have a potential baby out there you don't know about which for me, would be an important decision to make. (and you have to pass their other tests as well.)I don't know how much a sperm test is, but can't be that much. worth doing.are you saying that you don't have that "release" feeling that I associate with orgasm? Are you saying that it just "comes out" and there is no "force" behind it? If you want to be a daddy someday, it's worth checking out now so if there is a blockage somewhere you can get that fixed. There can also be more serious issues that can cause seminal issues for young me. please see a dr. it's easy to get some very basic testing done and if it turns out to be something more severe, like a testicle issue, better to find out earlier than later...for sure.hope you get some help and/or answer some questions I have asked for more information. like: describe what you feel is "missing"? is it the emotional part? etc.thanks, be.
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  • I think the general term for it is Sexual anhedonia. When males (and sometimes females) ejaculate with no pleasure. Some can feel pleasure from sex, but have no ending finale. If you google the term you'll find out you're really not so alone. Maybe not normal, but not alone. I actually just read about it yesterday in a medical journal for the first time. There are a lot of causes for it. Including dopamine issues, and spinal cord issues. Doctors have seen everything. Go to one. Do you want to spend the rest of your life not having an orgasm?
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  • id go and see a doctor, maybe its so rare that only specific tests will figure out whats going on
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  • hello, im the original poster, the sexual anehedonia idea sounds like the most plausible answer to my problem it ticked alot of boxes, i think i might be slightly depressed aswell and abit chubby so im going to lose weight and sort my self out and if nothing changes ill go see a docalsowhen i do ejaculate it shoots out but theres no orgasm feeling or anything like that i can just ejaculate and then carry on as normal straight away theres no special feeling or even breathlessness really,
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