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Why Do I Have a Period Every Two Weeks?

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  • Posted By: novembergirl
  • May 4, 2011
  • 00:54 AM

My period has always been very normal. Once a month, at the same time, never being off by more than two days at the most. Im 20 and nothing about me has changed. Suddenly last August I started having a period every two weeks! And went I had sex I would cramp for hours and not be able to move.

I went to a gyno who insisted (without testing) that it was my hormones so they gave me the Ortho Evra patch and all it did was make me incredible sick; when I went back they insisted that it was still my hormones and that I should suffer through and where the patch a bit longer. (The patch was making my feel like I was going to throw up at any given second anytime I was awake. It was interfering with my ability to go to work and school! Which was not helping me at all!)

I did some digging in my family history and online and after talking to my mom, realized I probably had Endometriosis (all of my female first cousins on my mothers side and two aunts on my dads side of the family had it). So I felt the need to let my gyno know about the history. He told me that surgery was the only way to know so not to worry about it. He acted as if, if we didnt check it wasnt there.

After going to my family doctor and leaving there with no answers they refered me to another gyno. He believed I had Endometriosis and I had that surgery in October 2010. He informed me after that I only had a small amount and that it should not bother me anymore. I have since recovered from that and around January/ February the every two week periods came back and I still cramp with sex, just not every time now.

I went back to this new gyno in February who game me Estrogen to take and it seemed to help keep them at once a month. Until last month (April) when they came back. Again he has given me Estrogen pills. Only this time as soon as I finished them the periods are back at every other week or every two weeks.

One period a month used to be exhausting enough. Now they wont go away and I always want to cry because I feel like I never get a break... But it seems like no one has an answer..

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