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Why do I feel like I'm dieing and noone seems to care?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 22, 2007
  • 07:23 PM

I am 21 years old. Over the past 4-5 weeks I have had increasingly worse symptoms. To start off I was at work one day and I felt like I couldn't breathe and my chest was heavy. I couldn't take any deep breathes without fighting for them. After this continued for about 2 hours, I felt extremely dizzy and got up to into the bathroom where my heart started pounding and my chest got all red. I have had an anxiety attack once before so I figured that was what I was having. After a couple of days went by and I still wasn't feeling any better I went to my doctor who prescribed me with Xanax for anxiety.

I was susceptible to taking the Xanax at first but when the anxiety attacks keep coming I figured I might as well to see if it would help. It did at first. Then one day at work again, I had an attack and took one, and proceeded to have another attack while on it. At this point I was starting to feel dizzy all the time, with no relief while taking the Xanax. I proceeded back to my doctor for another visit. She then told me that it could be allergies interfering with my anxiety and it is just a combo of the 2 and told me to try claritin-d and see how I felt. I tried it and no relief of the dizziness.

The dizziness keep getting worse to the point where no matter what I do I felt dizzy. Sitting, standing, eating, working, anything. Then came the numbness. It started out just in my fingers and then proceeded to my toes, and now my arms. And now my face. One day I had an attack so bad that my whole face was numb. Actually my whole head was numb. I decided to go back to the doctor. She then told me that I had a panic disorder and ordered me to be on Paxil.

The first day I took the Paxil I was at work. Again came the numbness, and the dizziness. Then my whole head went numb again and this insane pressure came in the back of my neck. I was so scared I would just pass out that I had to leave work and go to my doctors office again. I sat there in her office crying, scared of how I felt and what could be going on with my body. I feel like I'm in a battle, and I'm losing. She came in and told me that this is getting crazy and that she can no longer help me with the medication she is giving me. And that I needed to go into the hospital to be heavily sedated because my panic attacks are out of control. I felt like she was telling me I am crazy. She told me to go over to the ER and talk to a crisis counselor.
I did. They put my through the ER. My BP was 160/110. This lasted from about 11am-1am where they finally got it down with 2 ativans and a blood pressure pill. They did run tests including urine, blood, and an EKG. Nothing. Everything was fine. Nor did they suggest anything to do with all my symptoms.

This was about a week ago. Now I am seeing flashes of light in my eyes. I went to the eye doctor, and he told me as far as he can check he couldn't see anything wrong. Today I still feel sick as a dog. I can't eat, sleep, or function. I haven't been to work in days, and everything I do is a struggle. I know I do not feel good. I am weak all the time, this flashing of lights in my eyes is driving me crazy, and the numbness is worse when I try to relax and lay down. I take up to 3 Xanax a day just to be get by. The doctors are not telling me anything and I am getting more nervous each day as to what is wrong with me.My eye doctor was the only one who suggested a neurologist and possibly an MRI because my symptoms are not going away. Oh yeh, and the headaches are an everyday all day event.

I also feel nausea, my eyesight is progressively getting worse, feel weak and tired all the time, and I am retreating from everything I enjoy in life because I am scared that something bad is going to happen all the time. I don't know what to do anymore, my body is completely going crazy and so am I. If anyone has any suggestions would you please help? I would really appreciate it.

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  • Hi,I felt the same way. I started having panic attacks and feeling like I was going crazy or dying. You might want to see a pyschiatrist & a therapist. I know it is hard but Xanax only stays in your system for a short time and so they put me on klonopin which is longer lasting. This has allowed me to give up the fear of dying. I no longer have heart palpatations or dizziness. The only side effect has been a little drowsiness. I never had flashes of light so you may want to see a neurologist for that condition. You are not crazy but you can better help from a pyschiatrist or therapist in my experience than from the ER or my Primary Care Doctor. Try taking slow deep breaths... I hope you are feeling better soon. If you call your insurance they should be able to tell you your behavorial health benefits. Take care of yourself. Let me know what happens...
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  • Hey Kiddo,What kind of work do you do? Are you working around poisons or in an environment that would trigger breathing problems? There might be something in the work cooling vents that is causing you to have these problems--if so, that is a Worker's Comp issue, but we don't know and they will say it is fine, there is a problem with you. Do not accept this. If you are seeing flashes of light, you may have had a mild stroke and should be checked for that. Your medication may have side effects so check online and see if that is one. Discuss your symptoms with you doctor. You may have more than just a panic attack. You could also be hyperventalating, which is scraring the @@#@# out of you, making things worse. You might want to try yoga or meditation since you are so young and you have the rest of your life to either deal with this, which iwill cripple you in life, or try some things like hypnosis or yoga if it is not a poison or severe dust allery.
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  • Thanks for your reply. No I don't work around poisons or anything, but maybe something is wrong with the building. We just moved into a new house so maybe it's something in here. It's weird because there was an older woman who used to live here that was really sick. So all these things are racing through my mind. Also I haven't been to work in about a week and my symptoms are still persisting. The light in my eyes and the numbness when I lie down are the things that are scaring me the most. And the headaches all the time. I couldn't even go back into work today. Whatever it is it's taking toll on my body and it's doing it fast. I also don't have insurance because I am currently working a temp job, but I will be permanent in a month and have insurance but I don't think I should wait that long. I also stopped taking the Xanax thinking it was something with that and I'm still having issues. I'm going back to the doctor today because this is getting out of hand and I can't just sit here and try to deal with this anymore. Now my vision is bad, and there is a yellow aura around my eye constantly. I'm scared I'm going blind, or even worse. Thanks.
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  • I've had similar symptoms, starting 2 years ago. numbness, weakness, dizzyness standing, sitting, lying down, and bothersome eye flashes when I move them from left to right or vice versa and fatigue. I was prescribed meds for anxiety attacks. As you say, the symptoms continued, and the meds only served to make me not care as much. Most recently, something that has helped me was a change in diet. I now make a point to eat a solid breakfast and good lunch, but a small dinner, low on carbs in general and absolutely nothing in the evening. When I did this, the symptoms disappeared overnight. I'd had tests of all types, blood, mri, ct scan, halter monitor, etc.. all were negative. Not knowing what was wrong and feeling horrible definately would give me anxiety, which is a perfectly reasonable response to such a condition. I hope this helps.
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  • Has anyone looked in your eyes to see if your retina is detaching itself? This can also cause migraines.
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  • Thanks for the responses. Well i ended up going back to the ER because I think I blacked out and it scared the **** out of me. I went there and again, nothing. So they referred me for a neurologist. It sucks because I do not have insurance for another month so getting an evaluation might be a while. I just hope nothing wrong goes on until then. I feel a little better on the mental side, trying to be hopeful and deal with all of this in a positive way, even though I don't see anything positive to this. And yes I did go the eye doctor and he did not see any signs of retinal detachment. And it seems every doctor is telling me something different. Like the flashes come from migraines but this has been going on for 8 days now, and then the nausea is from Birth control pills which I've been on for 4 years and have never experienced nausea. So I'm also giving up hope on these doctors too. I have an appt with a neurologist and maybe he will see something to do with me. If this is all a panic attack and I'm just crazy and freaking myself out then I wish someone would do the tests and just tell me once and for all.
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  • Have you looked up symptoms of Anxiety. Flashes are a signs. Your in a panic spiral. Your becoming arorahpobic (spelling?). Home bound from panic. I have had this, you really need to seek a self help group. Look online and google anxiety forums. Panic forums. You will be able to talk to people with the same problems. They have helpful articles to. How to retrain your thought. You have attached fear to your surroundings, so now that's what you think about. You have to retrain your thoughts. I know it sounds to easy, but it works. You will be able to discuss and read others symptoms and share your own. Only then, when you can see them from a distance do you recognize it as just them building it up in their minds, and then you will see yourself doing it. I can clearly see you doing this. I could not when I was in the middle of the panic. Your doctor was terrible. People will always suggest horrible things, they simple don't apply to a 21 year old. Reality says you'll only die in a car crash so, don't worry about a medical problem. You CLEARLY have a panic problem, this is a very treatable condition. Feel free to respond if you need further help. See you on Anxiety forum.
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  • I forgot to add make sure you are taking a multivitamin w/iron if your a female. Or eat cereal high in Iron. Even slightly low iron causes panic symptoms and will add to it. After you start feeling better add exercise to your day, this is a must. Stop drinking any caffein. You wouldn't have been released from the ER if you had a life threat. I know all the stories that you hear of people being misdiagnosed but you have had several doctors tell you your ok, you've had enough second opinions to know it's ok! Everyone I know with anxiety has been in your position at one time or the other. Take care, this will end when you can clearly believe your ok. Go to the forums.
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  • I feel the same way. I am on Celexa and Xanax for severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Recently I have had some health issues...all over body pain, swollen armpit gland. I have been freaking out lately. For me, it felt like I had a panic attack that never went away. The Celexa helps a little and the Xanax helps a great deal, but I'm kind of afraid of it. I agree with everyone else that you probably have anxiety/panic disorder. Also, I have found that going on and off of antidepressants can cause all kinds of weird symptoms.
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  • It sounds like a migraine problem to me. Especially the headaches and flashing lights. Migraines can also occur with no headache too. I hear this a very difficult thing to diagnose though. Certainly possibility and definitely something to talk about with your neurologist.
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  • I have a friend who was in an accident and had a head injury. Now whenever she becomes stressed, when she doesn't get her proper rest, if her bp goes up or because her bp goes up her body stresses, she gets the migraines (dizzy, nausea, lightheaded).But here is the KEY: Then she gets the NUMBNESSS when she tries to "just deal" with the migraines (a couple days without treating it), but the migraines are a warning for her that she is about to have a "TI". That's what the doctors call it.It's like a small stroke AND she gets the light flashes seconds before the "TI".The sad thing is, she has also done all the MRI, CT scans, etc., but there is nothing... and the doctors are saying it therefore is not truly a "TI", that it is mimicking it, etc, etc.Please do not be alarmed because people have had small strokes and recover without even realizing it, BUT strokes are usually due to unhealthy, extreme, sustained doses of stress to the body. Ask your doc what is a "TI". If he doesn't listen and take the time to explain it to you, ask him to please refer you to a good neurologist... Please, also learn what has a calming affect on your spirit no matter where you are. Often I will hum or sing a pleasant song or meditate on an encouraging passage, like Psalm 23.
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  • I definitely agree you have a panic/anxiety disorder. I suffered terrible panic attacks and symptoms thinking I was going to die and no doctor could find the 'real' cause. Finally I realised after many years that if I hadn't died yet, I wasn't going to. This mind set is crucial to over coming your symptoms. You have to believe that it's just a panic attack and you're not going to die. Do some deep breathing through your nose and out through your mouth, just like you would just prior to dropping off to sleep and concentrate on calming yourself down. Eventually with enough practice you'll be able to control your anxiety. I only get anxiety warnings now if I'm reading in bed and i'm over tired, so I put the book down and go to sleep.
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  • If they haven't done a thyroid workup I would certainly have them check it out.Look up hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroid symptoms.I have hyper thyroid and have experience all those symptoms you mentioned.Ginger
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  • Everyone thank you SOOO much for your replys. I actually have an appointment with a neurologist to get things checked out. I still don't feel any better, and my eye sight is just getting worse...the flashing lights never go away. And now everything seems to look like lines...its very odd. Everyday feels like a struggle. It also seems its hard to get any kind of help. Everyday I feel like I'm getting worse. This is really getting hard to deal with. My nerves are completely shot, and new things are developing. Also I get a lot of ringing in my ears now, and the headaches are always there. Of course this is giving me anxiety because I really think something is wrong with my body...especially my eyes, and the fact that the optometrist said that he didn't see anything wrong. It's just freaking me out. I now I'm just a mess and it's affecting me really bad. I'm trying to stay strong and not lose my cool but it's hard. The only thing that I can say is better is the panic attacks. I kind of realized ways to deal with them better and not freak out to an extreme like before. The only way I can describe how I feel is like when you have a cold and you feel really groggy and your head feels full and you have a headache and just feel weak...yeah thats how I feel a good percent of the time. I do think what I have is somewhat from stress, but I also think it is something else too on top of that, and that is causing me stress too. I don't know I just want to get a FOR SURE answer, and if not then just tell me I'm just driving myself crazy and the symptoms will go away after I stop stressing myself out. Hopefully the neurologist can help me. Thanks everyone for your input. I'll keep everyone posted.
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  • Hi I suffered from everything you have talked about in your request for help. I had the problem for many years, well over 10 years, ending up in casulty several times, once with bete blocker injections to get my heart rate down. My GP in London at that time, was absolutly useless, and I felt worthless when I went to discuss this,mainly due to her lack on consideration and lack of understanding of what anxiety is all about. Her answer was to take drugs and to tell me off for drinking alcohol. Drugs certainly isn't my answer and alcohol is a symptom! Several years later, I pushed this issue with my GP (once I had left London), determined not to take any drugs but to obtain practical help. I was assigned to an expert on anxiety and then joined a group to learn what anxiety is all about. It was a fabulous revelation to me, to meet others who have symptons, sometimes have totally irrational thoughts (such as filling the house with bottled water in case we are bombed), as well as all the other symptoms, not being able to breathe, heart racing, light headness, not being able to stand upright and feeling like I was about to die. People who have not experienced this, find it very difficult to relate to, as the fear is awful with the adrenaline pumping through the body. My anxiety has decreased enormously, using positive thinking techniques and relaxation. I also changed my life style and changed my priorities. I am a much more laid back person (previously typical type A ambitous go-getter). There is no quick fix and the answer is different for each person, but the important thing for me, was to find people with whom I could relate to and could share my experiences with and swop tips on how to deal with events.
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    • August 30, 2007
    • 08:20 PM
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  • Just some thoughts . Where you work at have a pest cotroll program .? Some body with a sprayer at night . you no see them .? If so what are they useing .? Second thought . Try to make cantalopes & meat Clean organic or frozen vetalbes if possiable you food . Mostly cantalope because of the thick skin it has . Use tree tea oil toothpaste. & nothing with triclosan in it. For a few days pay attenion to syptoms. if you notice any change at all . If not move on . Hope this helps . Other thoughts - When they store grains in the bens they soak them doun in pesticides . and on top of grain . I guesse they figure if it all gets mixed up it dilutes it . but what if it doesn't get mixed good with the other grains during proccessing ???? .
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    • August 31, 2007
    • 02:19 PM
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  • Have you considered a visit to a cardiologist, for the blood pressure, dizziness and other symptoms? Sometimes a heart condition or circulatory problem can mimic symptoms of an anxiety attack. - Just a thought.
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    • September 3, 2007
    • 09:56 AM
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  • Did you go to the Neuro Doc?? Did they do a brain scan to see if there was anything there??? Like a tumor or lesions of any kind.Get your thyroid checked and also Lyme and Co infections checked out.
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    • September 5, 2007
    • 01:10 PM
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