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Why am I so tired?????

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 1, 2008
  • 03:08 PM

I have a long list of ailments currently - some may be related but I don't know. I went to the doctor for my annual checkup yesterday and told her most of my complaints but got no answers or suggestions at that time. They did perform a UA and drew blood. The lab called this morning and said my WBC count is 3.7, so fairly low. All they had to say about it was that the doc wants to recheck in a month. I've had consistently low WBC's for years. I've checked positive for mono/mono reactivation 7 times in about the same number of years. Currently, I am so tired there are days I don't feel like I can get out of bed and if I do manage to get up, I don't want to do anything but sit around on the couch. I'm extremely tired and fatigued every day, with occasional weak feelings. Sometimes I even have trouble remembering things or thinking of what I want to say...maybe because I'm just so tired! Other strange symptoms that may or may not be related include...
- horrible foot cramps (incredibly painful)
- legs get really sweaty at night sometimes
- have been fighting a vaginal yeast or bacterial infection for MONTHS
- low blood sugar levels occasionally, accompanied by trouble focusing my eyes and occasional feelings of dizziness
- stomach and abdomin pain (most of the time, although not as intense some of the time)
- feels like my abdomin is swollen and this swelling sometimes feels like it's then pushing on my bladder as I have to go to the bathroom a lot!
- starting to feel like I'm getting really depressed (I'm sure due to all of the above and feeling this way for so long)

Please help! I just got married and this is already taking a toll on us! I want to be able to have more energy and not be depressed so we can enjoy being newlyweds! Thanks for any and all help!!!!!

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  • Two ideas and you can look them up more: Thryoid and the other ovarian hormones. Problems with either one can cause all the symptoms you mentioned. For thryoid (I had this problem) get checked for TSH, FT4, FT3 and the antibiodies for the autoimmune disease of the thryoid Graves and Hashimotos...you may also have thryoiditis which unlike the other disease I mentioned, is temporary and will go away without particular treatment but you need to test anyway ....in any case thyroid is treatable but needs to be treated soon as it can take a while to recover as the thryoid hormone effect every cell in your body...that accounts for the fatigue.... GP can do initial testing, but endocrinologist is the specialist....DO GET ALL the tests I recommended...TSH alone (often docs just do this and this is wrong) is not enough...and for normal range on TSH you should see between 0.3-2.5....over or under is suspect for treatment. Ovarian hormones can also cause the same....are you on birth control...or changed to a new pill? Believe me, I know from experience, birth control pills...which are HORMONES, can disrupt your endocrine system and give you many side effects....you many want to find a different method of birth control or try a different brand or kind of BCP...not all BCP are the same...other than that, ovarian cysts and other female hormonal problems can cause your symtpoms....GYN can help here. Joan
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  • Diabetes?Celiac disease?
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