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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 9, 2006
  • 07:30 PM

Hi everyone,
I have a white coating on my tongue. I can brush it partialy but it grows back overnight. I have tried many things, diflucan, acidophilus, gentiana violet but no help. I was told by physician that it is not candida. They try tell me that it is absolutely normal. I dont agree. It bothers me a lot, my personal life is compromised (no french kissing), and i have an awfull strange taste in my mouth. Its been like that for 2 years. I drink a lot of water... I also have a few big amalgam tooth fillings.
Please, help, i want to cure it.


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  • You didn't mention your age -- or how many people you might be kissing. (And I'm saying that as a guy who's probably kissed way, way too many girls...:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: ) What's in their mouths -- is in yours -- whether we like it or not... Get your doctor to try culturing the coating. The doctor won't want to -- but insist. If nothing grows -- and nothing shows up under the microscope after a scraping -- it may be sinus drainage or an immunlogical reaction to gastric reflux coming back up from your stomach. Do you have what would be described as a "crimson crescent" in the back of your throat? (Ask the doctor...) That crescent's likely from sinus drainage - but reflux may also cause it. Do you ever "wet belch" gastric juices after a meal? That could have some bearing. Often, the sinus drainage and reflux go together. Try a tongue scraper, brushing with Arm and Hammer (A&H) soda, mixed with the A&H Peroxicare, then using regular hydrogen peroxide as a thorough mouthwash and gargle. (I do this before bed. The peroxide foams out what's on the tongue -- and reduces bad breath and bacterial growth overnight.) You know this already, but don't swallow the peroxide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scrape the tongue again as it foams up. Wait a few minutes -- then rinse well with water. My bet, though, is it's a form of sinus drainage. Not pleasant, for sure, but not dangerous, either. The regimen I described is probably a good idea anyway. It probably would prevent gingivitis. (Some dentists say peroxide dries out the tissues too much. Maybe -- if your mouth is bone dry. That's why I rinse it out afterward.) Peroxide can also be used on a sterile swab -- pressed into a mouth ulcer. Clears them up faster -- in most cases if they're bacterial. If it's reflux, get a good probiotic and good digestive enzymes, with a good product like Renew Life Oilsmart. My guess is other stuff is going on that you just haven't tied in with this -- and they're probably allergy or nutritionally related. (Black Tongue, for instance, may be a sort of nutritional deficiency.) P.S., This likely isn't a cure -- so much as a method of maintenance...
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    • November 9, 2006
    • 09:33 PM
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