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Wheat Allergy Rast test, Can this mean Celiac?

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  • Posted By: stacky
  • March 19, 2008
  • 10:07 PM

Hello, I was wondering if postive wheat, rye, malt, barley RAST blood allergy tests can mean Celiac or are they two seperate things? aLLERGY VS. Celiac?

Here is what my RAST (blood tests) tests looked like (some IGE and some IGG)



<2 mcg/mL BARLEY IGG 67H
<2 mcg/mL BEEF IGG 9H
<2 mcg/mL MILK IGG 52H
<2 mcg/mL CHICK IGG <2
<2 mcg/mL CHOCO IGG 4H
<2 mcg/mL CORN IGG 4H
<2 mcg/mL EGG IGG 18H
<2 mcg/mL LETT IGG 2H
<2 mcg/mL MALT IGG 53H
<2 mcg/mL OAT IGG 10H
<2 mcg/mL ORANGE IGG 2H
<2 mcg/mL PEANUT IGG <2
<2 mcg/mL PORK IGG 7H
<2 mcg/mL POTATO IGG <2
<2 mcg/mL RYE IGG 104H
<2 mcg/mL SOY IGG 6H
<2 mcg/mL WHEAT IGG 174H
<2 mcg/mL YEAST IGG 3H

Looks like the bread/wheat family is definitly the worst. Could these results be the answer to what has been ailing me for 2 years and causing swelling in my fingers, ect? Just curious if anyone has any info on this stuff.


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  • I guess i just dont know how confirmed allergy tests mean possible lyme disease? any one else with ideas?
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  • Both my mother and I have celiac disease. The way I was diagnosed was through a endoscopy- the biopsy confirmed my suspicions. I think if you have an allergy to all these gluten-containing grains you should definitely be tested. I am not sure if your scratch-test confirms Celiac disease or not as I am not a doctor and have never had a scratch test myself, but I think it warrants concern and further testing. Some people have Celiacs and never know it, but the repercussion of living with this disease and not being on a gluten-free diet are major. We're talking serious issues. You need to get tested so you know for sure. Having celiacs and not treating it is a BAD idea. If you do have Celiacs, you need to cut out ALL gluten, asap. I suggest you call your doctor and get a solid answer.If you do have Celiac disease, welcome to the club! There are more and more foods becoming available to us and the diet is not as difficult as it seems once you get used to it. Some restaurants even have special menues. The life you'll live without gluten will be longer, healthier and you'll feel better too! Good luck!
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  • Celiac disease is not an allergy. It means that you can't digest gluten, a part of wheat. The why of that statement is complicated, but trust me on this, the two diseases don't respond the same way, i.e. taking an antihistamine will help an allergy but won't help celiac. If you tested positive for celiac, lucky you! I totally agree with Lillian23. If you can stick with a wheat-free diet you've probably solved many of your problems.
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  • Check out this video - the doctor say it is an Food Allergy to Gluten.http://www.videojug.com/interview/celiac-disease You also see what they see when they go inside to check the villi and get sample. Some doctors call it an intolerant and some call it an allergy. But either way it can mean lots of problems if not kept under control. You might not see it until your in your old age, but don't let it get that far. Most of my family is celiac. We all found out by the simple blood test. You must be on a steady diet of gluten in order for it to be accurate. My Grandmother almosted died in the hospital at age 70! They did not expect her to live and they could not figure out what was wrong. SHE HAD NO SIGNS of Celiac thru the years! Tons and Tons of test, nothing! But her doctor realized that she had a british accent and started looking into British Medical Journals and found it. Changed her diet and by the end of the week she was normal by just a food change!!!! They did the biobsy to find hers. I personally had many many medical problems from woman problems, muscle problems, rashes, stomach, bowel, acid reflex, depression and more. When I changed my diet with in weeks most everything GONE. My dearest friend was diagnosed with MS at age 30. I kept telling her to get tested that maybe she had Celiac and it was not allowing enough nutrition in her system to fight her problem. After 3 years she agreed and Yes she has it. I personally found a link on the muscle cramp and muscle attacks. If you drink any kind of soda that it effects your potassium, magnesium levels and being celiac those are sensitive element. I almost always have muscle problems. I plotted them out for months and found a distinct pattern for me. 1 soda lead to 3 days of muscle problems. Some of my family have the same issue so they tested it out on themselves and had the same results. So if your struggling with muscle cramps or muscle issues, try going soda free for a while or plot out what you eat and drink and when you have attacks, you might be surprised.
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