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whats wrong with me

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  • July 16, 2009
  • 01:24 AM

hi all
i'm a 23yr old female who has 3 children aged 4yrs old,almost 3 yrs old and 9 and half months old. i went to the dr's complaining of irratbility and loss of appitite and tiredness and feeling full. my dr made me get a full blood exam.
Everything came back normal levels but my iron-i am anemic. and the dr said my white cells are higher then normal he didnt tell me the exact number so i have not got a idea just how high they are.
i have a sore stomach mainly focused on the left side but randomly it spreads right across my whole stomach area. i have trouble sleepinng. last night it felt like something was sitting on my chest and i had this heavy feeling on my chest when i breathed but i feel ok now.
i feel weak in my arms.
my dr has shrugged this off as a virus:confused:
i am asthmatic i use bricanul for this, i have had anemia since i was approx 14/15.when my 2nd son was 10 months old i started getting stomach pains the dr thought i had gall stones or a cyst my period cycles have been haywire since my oldest son was 7months old,i do not get montly periods at all.

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  • i need to add i am on the underweight side and have noticed over recent my clothes are getting baggy looking.
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  • did you get your thyroid checked???
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  • yes i have had that checked in the full blood exam it was within normal levels according to my doctor. it wasnt the 1st time i had it checked though ,it was the 2nd time this year and the 1st time ever i had it checked was in 2007.:(i have had my blood sugars checked too as my nan has diabetties and i was told my levels were normal.chloesterol was also normal.
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  • i dont know if this is related but under my bottom jaw is sore :confused: any ideas anyone
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  • Hello Maysa; From what I've read it almost sounds as though you've got anxiety. Anxiety occurs a lot in women during pregnancy, and sometimes it lasts after pregnancy. First, Anxiety is a disorder of the mood in which you have elevated feelings of stress, fear, worry, and uneasiness. Although you haven't mentioned it, you can say you're not worrying or fearful, but that doesn't mean you don't have it. I have some anxiety in which I find a heavy spot in my chest where it feels as if no matter how comfortable I try to get. "Anxiety can be accompanied by physical effects such as heart palpitations, fatigue, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, stomach aches, or headaches...Although panic attacks are not experienced by every anxiety sufferer, they are a common symptom." citation needed. (From the article "Anxiety" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anxiety)I recommend talking to your doctor about Anxiety. I also recommend you get your Iron up. Anemia can also cause some of the symptoms, in this case your body is literally trying to eat itself by eating the fat and causing your weight loss as well as a few other symptoms. I recommend a diet of high-in-iron food such as: beef, fish, or poultry.To learn more about Iron: http://ibdcrohns.about.com/cs/nutrition/a/fdairon.htmI believe that these symptoms can be explained by either Anemia OR Anxiety. Keep in mind that I believe it best for you to speak with a doctor or nurse about figuring out these things.I wish you the best of luck and hope the information helps you.-Tie
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  • would they cause the pain in my stomach,under my bottom jaw :confused:my neck feels quite stiff but my jaw feels tender-ish i dont know if that makes any sense.i've been anemic since my early teens the amount of iron tablets varies all the time i get reviewed every 3 months,sometimes i get told to decrease/increase iron sometimes i get told to stop,its been a bit of a merry go round journey with that.i just want to know why i dont feel right, my dr just says "take paracetmol":(
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  • would they cause the pain in my stomach,under my bottom jaw :confused:my neck feels quite stiff but my jaw feels tender-ish i dont know if that makes any sense.i've been anemic since my early teens the amount of iron tablets varies all the time i get reviewed every 3 months,sometimes i get told to decrease/increase iron sometimes i get told to stop,its been a bit of a merry go round journey with that.i just want to know why i dont feel right, my dr just says "take paracetmol":(Yes. Anemia and Anxiety can cause pain in your stomach as well as your neck and bottom jaw. I do recommend you just add meat, poultry, or fish to your diet and not take iron supplements. If you eat meat, poultry, or fish then your body adjusts and can easily digest and take the iron and protein available from said meal. Not to mention eating a portion regulates your iron so supplements aren't necessary. However, if you're a vegan I can understand why you take supplements, and also believe that being a vegan is okay but you need your meat, fish, or poultry in your diet because supplements do not cut it. Anxiety often causes you to "not feel right." As for the medication do you mean Paracetamol? From what I've read about it it's just like an Ibuprofen - the cheap but still works Advil. Talk to your doctor about Anxiety and ask TWO doctors rather than just one. It is ALWAYS good to get a second opinion, and as of now I don't really agree with what your doctor says.
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  • i have a balanced diet but not matter what i do i have the anemia ive seen dieticians in the past who say "what are you here for you eat well":confused: so i have to have the supplements ontop of eating a balanced diet.to try and keep a healthy range weight for my height i eat 6-8 meals a day.paracetamol (panadol to be exact) the dr told me to go home and take it because i have a virus. ibuprofen and i donot agree due to my asthma.i'm just at a loss no dr has ever been able to explain why i cant put on weight,now i'm just blah.
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  • i would like to find the cause i feel like panadol is just a temoprary solution. i put my symptoms in this sites symptom checker this popped up... http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/c/chronic_myelogenous_leukemia/symptoms.htm#symptom_list:eek:
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  • i had the blood tests re-done the paper that i gave to the nurse requested, fbe,lft,a c protien :confused:and there was one more but i have forgotten.should i compare the results of this lot with the lot i had a week before?:confused:
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  • is there an australian antenna search site? i live in a sort of country area in australia.
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  • Well, I see nothing among your symptoms that would actually suggest the presence of myelogenous leukemia. The various mutations at the stem cell line of leukemias produces a host of characteristic symptoms that I don't see among your complaints. You mention being anemic since adolescence and I would ask at this point what type of anemia has been diagnosed? Iron-deficient anemia is the most common underlying cause in adolescent-aged girls and the onset often naturally occurs with menstruation that may be particularly heavy in some instances. As a side note here, I do not suggest that you refrain from taking iron supplements, as was suggested by someone posting a response, outside the awareness and approval of your primary care doctor. Realize that many people on this forum have a genuine desire to help, but they are not licensed medical doctors. While their advice is intended to help, it is not based upon the full contemplation of any ramifications normally guided by clinical training and experience. Regardless, caution should always be used when relying upon medical information from the internet, my own included. Understand also that there are common symptoms associated with anemia, one of which is abdominal discomfort or pain, the second is inability to gain weight. I would also inquire at this point whether GI studies have been performed as part of the workup to determine the nature of your anemia? Realize that in very certain instances, conditions which inhibit iron absorption and vitamins can be present that produce the symptoms being decribed to some extent. I would seek to determine whether lab studies have been performed to rule out any autoimmune disorders such as celiac disease. It is not as common as some people might want to claim, but in your instance it should be made part of the diagnostic workup. A direct endoscopy and biopsy, along with lab tests would confirm or rule out its presence. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • Hi,Sorry, but all I got from that link was a bunch of advertising. eg;Symptoms of Chronic myelogenous leukemia site.It sounds like you are in what I call an allopathic state of ..........(fill in the blank)It happens when they can not find anything that "fits" into their mindset of education as an MD. I find this often, that is why people come to this site. They too, are getting the same response from their doctors. The average MD has no more than 8 mins with each patient (taken from AMA study), so apart from ordering a barrage of tests, they really know very little about their patient. That being said, I know of some good MDs, who have given up on the allopathic medicine approach and have moved forward to a more natural approach towards treating their patients as a whole, and often spend more time with them and less time at their country club and/or golf course now.Further, I applaud all the MDs and professional health care workers who come on this site and help those in need, many of which are at the end of their rope (hearsay), with no where else to go. Enough of my soap box. You need help and that is what you have come looking for. Unfortunately, for that I need a little more information.Regards,Skyhighnemo..PS. Read more on my other posts for more information on Natural remedies.Remember, Nature ALWAYS wins..
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  • Hi- Just wanted to say that your white blood cells are evidence of infection and the tenderness under your jaw could be lymph nodes that are responding to the infection. Are you having any other infection symptoms? fever, chills, fatique, loss of appetite? YOu should be given a course of antibiotic and assess how you feel then.
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  • Hi Maysa,I really don't have enough information, but if I am correct in my assessment, you could benifit from taking a homeopathic remedy called Phosphorus. Take it in a beginning small potency of 6C. I am basing this on what you have written so far. Besides the Phosphorus will help detox your liver slowly over a period of time. The potency of 6C is very small and will render you no harm. Take 3 pellets three times a day (total of of 9 pellets per day.. 30 minutes before or after food and drink ONLY). If I am correct in my assessment as to your condition, you should start to see a change within 8-10 weeks. This is a slow process. It is meant to be that way.. and taking only the amount that I have suggested is the best way to approach it. Too much could make you sick, too little will not suffice any allowance for the body to recoup.If you are taking any medication from your MD, that is OK.. as you will soon notice that you will not need to take as much.. This however should also be aligned with your MD. The taking of 6C Phosphorus is safe by all means with any prescibed drugs.Do this and keep up with what is going on this forum, and as you start to change, we can then adjust the potency and dosage requirements. I believe that looking at you as a whole being, Phos. is your answer. That is why you have come to this forum.. you need answers.Regards,SkyhighnemoRemember, nature ALWAYS wins..
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  • Please ellaborate on your irritability. Do any of the following examples appear to fit your situation? irritability of "I can't do anything right" or irritability of "I know what I'm doing, I don't need your help, so butt-out and leave me alone!" or possibly both? If neither, then how would you best describe your particular irritability in your own words?
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  • Irritability, anemia, joint pain are all common with celiac/gluten intolerance or even intolerance to another food..I just discovered I am intolerant to corn. (as well as being celiac) i am having the same sort of issues..very frusterating. Many tests for gluten intolerance can come back as false negatives especially if you haven't been eating it and you have a biopsy done. Dermatitis herpitformaris is a skin condition from the skins reaction to gluten..it can look somewhat like acne or blisters. Eating gluten can cause irritation in the joints and taking NSAIDS can cause leaky gut.
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