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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 27, 2010
  • 01:10 PM

I am looking for help. I go to my doctor but now find I am feeling like a hyochondriac as I never get to the root of these continious symtoms. I have now stopped going whats the point.
My symtoms are:
Spurts of energy follwed by extreme tiredness
Sore heads that continue to go into migraines that can last for days
Normally I have a good memory but get days where I can not remember anything and my head feels fuzzy
My body aches and get very heavy I also get extremely cold when this happens
I can get dizzy for no reason and occassionally get pins and needles in my legs and fingers
I have been diagnosed for depression but am now not on any medication as it made me feel worse and me made slow down so much I could not do anything but sleep

I never seems recharged after a nights sleep in fact I wake up sore and stiff and it takes me a good hour to get moving

Please help

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  • Consider using the Doctor again !I understand about the "Hyochondriac feeling", the medicine most probably was helping you !Because you are taking medicine, your body does not have to work so hard to sort out your problems !Thus your body is suffering less stress, this rusults in a lower level of symptoms and will allow quicker recovery.Stress will probably make you worse."Spurts of energy follwed by extreme tiredness" sounds gland orintated effect. But could also be related to medium or high GI foods."Sore heads ... migraines .." could also be related to fluid levels, sip fluids regularly and try different types, e.g. tea, water, iso tonic, etc."Normally I have a good memory but" symptoms of Fatigue."aches ... extremely cold when ..." possible got some form of pain that you need to take pain killers for (topical or tablets, and remember, just because the first one did not work, that is why there are so many different types pain killiers available)."diagnosed for depression but .. me feel worse " try a lower dose and or different medication (remember above about types of pain killers).Equally you may not be properly derpress, just that your system is so low, that is is making you feel low (hope that makes sense), but also that is why anti depresants can also work."pins and needles in my legs and fingers" might be spinal or body chemistry."recharged after a sleep" suggests Chronic Fatigue or gland problem."in fact I wake up sore and stiff and it takes me a good hour to get moving" this is interesting. I can not remember all, but if it is stiffness as would be experience after excessive activity then ... (I can not remember, but it sould give you food for thought). If it is pain like pins and needles or laying on gravel, then there is a link to Oedema (swelling of the body, the pain is caused by the "stagnation", a simily is "pins and needles when your arm has gone off to sleep"). The hour to get going may well relate to body clock a simple fatigue (possibly something else, but can not recall).Hopefully the above will empower you TerryP.S. Adrenal Fatigue is a specific varient of Chronic Fatigue.
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