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Whats wrong with me?

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  • Posted By: hailey_37
  • April 29, 2007
  • 07:05 AM

When I stand up, I have an overwhelming dizzy feeling, where I feeling disorientated, and I feel like I am going to fall over. My eyesight suddenly goes black, for 5 seconds. I also am constantly tired. Could this be anaemia?

I also constantly shake, and which has been happening to me for about 4 years.

I also think I may have a hearing problem. My grandmother, has a hearing problem, as well as her mother and so on. So when I'm older I'll most likely have one, but at the moment I'm only 14. When I am in a crowd or just a group of about 10 people, I always have to ask my friends to repeat themselves about 4 times before I can actually hear what they are saying. My parents always comment on how loud the tv is, and I always have to have subtitles on, when possible, because I miss a lot of the things that they say. I also occasionaly get earaches.

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  • For The earaches and hearing have you ever had tubes Put in ? It could be you have Fluid Trapped In your Middle ear, and that can cause Balance Issues, Dizziness etc... I am 31 and have had these problems all my life and had 13 sets of tube surgeries! I too have hearing loss and its frustrating! Its a mild hearing loss but enough to have everyone sound Like Charlie Browns Teacher! I need hearing aids, you may as well ! Good Luck Hun its never Fun to suffer anythign FOR A LONG TIME!
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  • check out www.ahummingbirdsguide.com some of your sx are listed there...see how many others you have...good luck
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  • thanks heaps
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  • Hailey...does ME fit your sx?? How many do you have??? where do you live?? Look around this site, see how many others are having ME sx it is overwhelming...It's viral, contagious and I believe it to be of epidemic proportions....I'm not crazy or off on a tangent...I believe this to be real and others are beginning to agree after years of Dr.s not being able to tell them a diagnosis...best of luck and I'm here if you have any questions...Please keep us posted on how things turn out for you...Be well...mommy cat
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  • You should be seen by an ENT doctor (ear, nose, throat) It sounds like you have an inner ear problem... the inner ear is what controls balance. and also get a hearing test/exam.. This kind of doctor will probably give you the most valuable insite to your symptoms..
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  • I checked on the website, www.ahummingbirdsguide.com, and I also do get the symptoms of tinnitus, sharp ear pain, and lately, my voice has sometimes suddenly become weak/hoarse. I have an appointment with the doctor later on this week, and hopefully that will determine what is wrong with me. Thanks
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  • I live in Australia
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  • You're actually experiencing symptoms of the same reason I came here. I was going to go to a more popular thread of this same origin. Then I started getting curious before I made it there. I guess I'm just a supporter though. Vertigo explains the excessive headrush and dizziness while the hearing and likely clicks are justified by tinnitus. Together they seem to coinside from different explainations. In my case I was smoking pot when it turned out to be an allergen that attacked my immunity naked. I know that ana-phylactic shock can lead to these symptoms (enphylactic - weird). This usually takes place when you have a reoccuring allergic reaction. Taking these fish oil supplements seems to have helped even though I take them for a defficiency. I've been experiencing this for almost a year and this is the closest I've come to getting my head cleared. But I found more information on a solution and this why I've come. To spread hope to you with this web link. When I get the money I hope to prosper like you might. http://www.homeopathyhome.com/services/rshop/vshoppe/remguide/tinnitus.shtml
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  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a good theory. I actually like it alot, but I think the chance of it being a contagious virus is highly unlikely. I've been experiencing these problems for a long time and I've spread it to no one. Nobody I know even has similar problems. However my hypothesis pertaining to what you've enlightened me with is a little more credible. Even for a young man with no background in studies of neurology or biology except for failing science in school and being a dieheard fan of the popular T.V. series "House." I deduce that when I smoked marijuana when I should have been watching my little brother or paying attention to the small adolescent on her bicycle while driving, I was screwing with my brain. I love pot. I think it makes the world a better place, and more importantly I enjoyed the high. I really ****ed up and willingly inhaled what was an allergic catylist for my body. I don't know how I became allergic but I didn't cope with that well. The first time I had anaphylactic shock was in my old car parked in a college lot. I was smoking very potent and crystally buds. "I feel weird" I said. Then I grew faint and started to see shades of gray. My right ear hurt and I started to moan in pain. In the blackness I saw a light towards the right side. It grew brighter as the torment increased. Then the light burst like the sun. It looked more like Blue Giant then a red one as it faded and so did the gray. I was still faint and remaind unable to drive. As the weeks went by I was scared to smoke again even though my friend insisted it was the formaldehyde it was laced with. Eventually I let my ***k get the best of me. Thought "Screw it" and smoked it anyway. Sometimes it bothered me, others I was more fortunate. It turned to this feeling of noises and slight rings passing though my ears. All my peers and smoke buddies called me crazy. I retalliated which gave me another reason to continue killing myself. It happened again. This time in a garage months later. I was just chillin' with a smile on my face. Back faced against and empty space parked on a weight bench. I hit it than passed it. Exhaled and remaind calm. My vision went dark again and I fell on my head after I said aloud "I feel weird" My friends quickly helped me up. Said things like "He's pale" and "His lips are blue." This worried me. I didn't really know what was going on. "Here you're dehydrated." They handed me a glass of water and as I chugged it the room became more visible. I loved me, but I loved weed. So I decied always drink water when I smoke. What dumb descision. It worked, though at least for some time. My ears rang, then I drank and I could feel the water drip behind my ears where the vibrations use to wind. I continued doing this until I smoked with the same friend from the first incident. I had a bad feeling that day. I'd been trying to quit and I was actually doing alright for a stoner. These buds had even more kief than the ones before. They were more harmful but looked and smelt more beautiful. So I was a big man and decided only one bong hit. BIG MISTAKE! At first it wasn't so bad. In fact it felt pretty good. I drank plenty of water and folded bread and meaded with my hands. I swallowed it whole for my throat to pull the crystals out so they wouldn't swell inside my pores, it was something I read about. As my ex-girlfriend, her friend, and I left. I started to feel like ****. When we made it a fast food joint. I was getting uneasy, and sat to rest. The sounds were loud and the pain was worse than I ever experienced. I saw a 3-D version of my throat like on a computer program for schematics. The colors were inverted, and something was horribly wrong. What a strange picture I haven't seen anything in the world like that since that day. It was almost cool but I was in a lot of pain and anxiety at the time. It was real too. I saw the broken nachos that I swallowed splinter in my swollen throat. That made it hurt worse. I could envison the small crystals in my mental phenomenal program's zoom. They had expanded just like I knew. The worst part came in seconds. The most pain I felt behind my ears became worse. Something new, the pain moved a little further into my mind. I now saw circular razor blades on both sides of my brain. They spun and grated together the worst pain I'd ever felt in my entire life. I don't remember what they truly looked like. The only way I could describe it was "I feel like my brain is grinding!!" Then I ran a high fever. It would have easily hospitalized me if my ex hadn't brought me ice. It melted so quickly between my palm and forhead. I thought I was going to be dead. I knew I should go to the hospital but I was too high and parnoid of being ticketed. What I felt that day must be similar to the innocent being gased by the Nazis. I was truly poisoned, dying from the inside out. That was it, the last straw. I hesitantly tried it twice since then, and every time my ears would get weaker. It was no longer worth the risk and it still feels like it's not worth what I've lost. I made stupid sinful descisions against my better understanding. Now I have cracking sesations when I yawn, and a clicking jaw from doing it so often. I can't go below so many feet of water without being afraid it will leak in. I can't even be near marijuana smoke when I party with my friends. My hearing is bad and sometimes it shorts out under large intervals like a speaker does when its blown. It's sensitive to gun shots and concerts. I have to be careful when I blow my nose. I have sporadic twitches all over my body which doesn't help my insomnia. My hands, my feet, and ears get cold quicklier than a normal persons. The worse symptom is harder to describe acurately. When I jog or go endeavor vigorous activity that envolves breathing heavily... That clicking that we try to balance out by yawning or pushing somehow. It gets pushed so far that it completely separates. Like when you pinch your nose shut and blow you know you don't want to go too far because it may break. Well, it breaks. It's very scary. With every breath I take the insides of my ear fluctuate. Breathe in and they retract. All the noise around me echoes in the background because the loudest sound is that fluctuation. I know that if I were submerssed at these times the fluids would really leak in. So I freak out until I catch my breath and try to let it settle for a bit. Eventually it's back to normal but it's never okay.I'm speculating that if the M.E. thing is possible. Which seems very likely to my knoledge. That during these black outs that I experienced I was seeing an electrolosis created. Anaphylactic shock, hello. The shock has jarred my brain somehow. Maybe burnt some receptors. Or if you think of the brain like a curcuit bored it jumped some wires, and crossed some hairs it really shouldn't have. I'm still researching this, as I have been since it started. I hope to find cure if I don't discover it. Which probably won't happen, and that's good because even though I wanna' be rich I don't want to wait any longer.
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  • I looked at the website, and I also have sharp pain in my ear sometimes, as well as lately, my voice has occasionally become hoarse/weak. Also, I think I may have tinnitus, as about once every 2 days, I get a high pitched hum/ring occur in my ear
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  • Please consider reading (on this forum):http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=12933andhttp://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=9052Long threads - not exactly your case, but the answers are interesting. Try not to start "13 sets of tube surgeries" (or more) like Sxymmy above.;)
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  • Hailey... there are over 50,000 people in Australia with ME Please take info to Dr. I did yesterday with wonderful results...Good Luck Sweetheart...God Bless and Be Well...mommy cat
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  • For anyone that's interested in or trusts the idea of M.E. Here is simpler and more beneficial information on it. It's not so much a monument of skeptical disinformation behind a cause with facts that follow. It's everything you should be aware of when concerned of M.E. and gets to the point without jerking you around about why. It's much more helpful then comparing an illness to the serenity of a dumb bird. Not that I don't appriciate a poem;)http://www.reference.com/search?q=myalgic%20encephalomyelitis
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  • Feelthy...mommy cat here..thank you for giving some clearer info on ME...I ask that you revisit the site...your sx have nothing to do with weed, trust me,,,I am a nurse and currently am being checked for ME as my dr's have ruled out every other possibility...If you look around this site, you will find hundreds witn ME sx...it is viral, it is contagious(although I'm not sure yet how long you stay contagious) and medical prof, teachers and students are at high risk...Please read thread titled "contagious joint pain" and "It's a mystery until we solve it" perhaps these will shed some light and help you to understand the scope and severity of what is going on...Best of luck and God Bless...mommy cat
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  • No person on this earth, or being of super-natural energy. No magician or physician of any sort will ever convince me that pot didn't do this to me. I don't care if some unusual virus happens to infect people undergoing symptoms of a parrallel nature. I felt the internal mutilation of my body occur. Maybe it's all just an allergic reaction with no ties to M.E, but my intuition is harboring ideas that they are connected. The damage(symptoms) happened simuntaniously with the pain that was caused by smoking weed. It doesn't matter to me if you believe me either. I just don't appriciate being told I'm wrong when nobody arguing with me felt my experience. In fact, I'd like to here from some one who has. Further more when my early symptoms occured and I was still smoking; I discussed my issues in a stoner forum. There were several people that said they had a friend or a chat buddy that complained about the same things. I'm not deluded.
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  • I went to the doctor's yesterday and they ruled out an earwax build up. THey also said that I definitely have tinnitus. I have a audiologist appointment scheduled iin two weeks, where I am and going to have a hearing as well as a middle ear function test. THanks for all the help so far.
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  • I have no doubt you will find these posts interesting -http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=42284&postcount=10http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=42295&postcount=20http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showpost.php?p=42182&postcount=18 Remember to read these external pages (in full please): www.drcarley.com and http://members.aol.com/doctorrmosk/articles/hidden.htm - thank you. I don't suppose you have ever taken the anti-malaria drug Lariam / Larium ? It causes your symptoms.
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  • THanks. I have never taken Lariam....
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  • Another thing you may consider, even along with the tinnitus, is your blood pressure. If I recall correctly, you said you were only 14, which is not a common age for adolescents to be concerned with checking it. Orthostatic hypotension (dizziness, sometimes fainting, seeing the black spots, etc) are all side-effects of it. It only occurs when you stand up, or anytime you go from prone to an upright (sitting or standing) position. When you stand up, the blood temporarily pools at your feet and lower limbs without enough return to the heart, brain and organs which can cause the symptoms you have described. If your parents have a home BP monitor, it's worth it to try it out. I'd recommend using a BP test that Vanderbilt Research Hospital uses. Lie quietly for 10 minutes then take your BP while you're still lying down. Stand up, in one position (no movement or activity), record your BP at the 3 minute interval and again at 10 minutes. Do this on 3 separate occasions...hours apart on the same day, or even on separate days, and check for consistency in your results.A very quick method to see if it's Orthostatic hypotension, without the drawn-out tests, is simply to take your BP while you're lying or sitting, then stand up and take it immediately. If you have a significant drop, you know it's Orthostatic Hypotension and can begin measurements to correct it. It is not uncommon, at all, for kids your age to suffer from this. Food for thought...
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  • feelthy...sorry...didn't mean to say it wasn't the weed...certainly smoking it could bring on ME sx...don't know why or how but it certainly must have something to do with it, especially if your sx increased or worsened after smoking it...I do believe you...At this point, I'm finding myself that certain things affect my sx and noone believes me either...again, I apologize...I didn't take the time to understand what you had written...much like people on this site are doing to me...I pray for everyone here all the time (even the stoners) LOL and you are not excluded...I hope you find peace and the answers you are seeking...Be well...mommy cat
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