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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 4, 2009
  • 11:25 AM

2 yrs ago in summer holidays(age-18yrs wt-40kg) I played in the sun and was drinking a lot of cold-drinks and my wt lost by 2kilos came to 38kg then i got fever(not severe) and i got medication for it from my family doctor(allopathy).Affter 2-3 days suddenly i got vertigo,
continuous vertigo and heart pumping very fast. I told my doctor abt that he told me to take electral powder(electrolyte supplement) but that doesnt helped me for vertigo.Then he started a series of enjections called Eldervit for a week but even that was not helping me,then i got a lot of head ache started. Doctor told me that i can have tumor in brain.Then i consulted a neurologist and done brain MRI with venogram but that came out negative. Then the chest pain started and i was having tingling sensation on my chest,fingers,lips,head. I fill like i am not getting blood in brain and sometimes i was also feeling short breathing. Then my doctor thought it could be T.B. he done my chest X-ray which was negative,then done my blood test and it said i dont have any infection and haemoglobin was also nomal. Then I consulted another doctor he told me that you are having digestion problems and gave me medicines which failed again.But at that time i was feeling discomfert in my stomache no any stool problems.Then I changed 3-4 doctors who told me that u must be having digestion problems(not absorbing the nutrients). I was also feeling dryness in my joints and my legs joints were also paining while walking at that time.

Now after 2 yrs Iam struggling with same symptoms.But now sometimes my stomach pains when i press it & it always feels uncomfortable. And Iam having 4-5 bowel movements.Some bowels are a bit watery and sometimes normal.
Many times my stomache feels empty even though after having meal and sometimes it feels full. Now the doctor told me I have I.B.S. I have done Stool test-blood occtural-negative, Urin test with E.S.R.-all negative.

The symptoms I am feeling now are---

1.Weakness,fatigue,vertigo,headache,weakened memory.
2.discomfort in stomache,sometimes pain(not severe) at liver and colon.
3.Eye strain,sometimes darkness comes over eyes if I stand up while laying down.
4.I cant sit down at a place for long time I always feel to lay down.Body feels heavy.
5.Tingling sensation on fingures,head.
6.My neck,hand legs pain a lot.
7.My head and ears feel very bad if someone talks near ur ear(loud sound).
8.My toungh becomes sour if I eat sweat.
9.Tingling at heart,sometimes cold sweat,vertigo especialy at bedtime,also
sleeping problems.
10.sometimes saliva becomes stick after eating.
11.Stamina decreased.
12.Lower back pain.
13. Sometimes weakness comes suddenly and with cold sweat,fatigue,short breathing,
feels like getting unconscious.
This happens even though I eat natural food nutrients supplements.
from two yrs I gained 5 kgs of weight.I do eat all natural & healthy food. But its still very less for 19 and half year boy-45 kgs
I drink 3 glasses of milk every day from childhood.Even though I had calcium deficiency in my childhood. In childhood , Once a year I was getting a lot of intestine pain(severe) for a day then it vanishes for a year.I was very active before all this happened.

Please,somebody tell me why is this happening is that a digestion problem or circulation problem?

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