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  • Posted By: Blackhawkcrewdog
  • July 1, 2009
  • 01:04 AM

I was wondering if heart attack symptoms can last for 3+ months? I have had Stress test, 8 ekg's 8 chest xrays and all the bloodtests also. I have a more detailed description in my previous post. Please help.


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  • If the collective tests mentioned have all produced negative results, by what reasoning would you believe your symptoms to be associated with a heart attack? Beyond the realm of such diagnostic evalution, you will at some point have to begin considering whether irrational fear may be preventing you from placing trust in the outcome of the tests. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • At this point i really dont know. My docs seem very unconcerned for my symptoms being heart related. I have had all these tests to include a coronary calcium screening i had done last week. I scored a 0. All tests have come back normal. I know i have chatted with you via this forum before and you have been a great help! It just seems that everyday i have some new ache or pain that makes me feel weird i guess. I have talked to my doc about this yesterday. While i was sitting there in his office i had chest pains, jaw aches, aches in both arms and slight headache. This has totally taken me over in the past months. All symptoms seem to be building. I was ok most of the day today and around 3pm they started over again. The "attacks" i have mostly cleared up. The pains are still very concerning to me. My doc doesnt seem concerned about heart issue. That reasssurance does help me for awhile then that wears off then the symptoms seem to get worse. Just sitting here now i have left arm pain (constant ache), jaw discomfort(mostly in the joints), occasional right arm pains. Had some back pains that were located about midback level about 2 inches left of center. left shoulderblade pain. Stiff neck on left and occasional ear pains. I cant tell what is going on! Thanks once again.
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  • Really i guess the pains i am having are becoming a bit overwhelming. Seems like everyday i get a new pain on the list. I am seeing a therapist this coming monday, i hope that helps. Had some more bloodwork done today and wont get results till next week. I do thank you for your time. If you have anymore to add please do so. Thanks
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  • Could they be anxiety attacks?
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  • It has been suggested a time or two! I appreciate the responses! Thanks
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  • Ok, I have the offical report from my MRI i had done two weeks ago. This is of my C-spine only. report says: An area of fluid signal is present within the c5 vertebral body likey represent a benign hemangioma with slight fatty replacement suggested. The vertebral bodies are otherwise normal in height and alignment. The spinal canal appears slightly congenially, ap diameter from 1.1cm to 1.3cm greatest at the c6/c7 level, otherwise normal in single appearance whti the spinal cord normal in caliber and appearance. The craniocervial junction appears normal. Minimal facet degenerative changes are suggested. Very minimal disk bulge is present to the left lateral aspect at c3/c4, minimally to the right at c5/c6 and very slightly bilaterally at c4/c5 level. This mildly narrows the neural foramina without nerve root abutment. No focal disk herniation is identified. Disk spaces are otherwise unremarkable. My doc says this is NOT causing my pain. My Physical therapist says it is. (more than likely anyways). He is very confident on this. He explained that mri's are taken laying flat and not when you are in abnormal body positions. and mri may not show everything when laying flat on back during mri. Who should i believe? My doc is the one who referred me to PT about 2 months ago and doc is the one who ordered mri of c-spine. This is really confusing to me and VERY frustrating. Thanks
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