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Whats been wrong with me?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 5, 2008
  • 04:02 PM

I have been diagnosed with Panic and anxiety attacks I don't have as many panic attacks anymore but I am real tired all the time lethargic especailly today I can't harldy stay awake and I have heart palpitations and it seems like I sometimes have a weak heart rythm especially at night and it makes me worry and not want to go to sleep so I am up with insomnia I have shortness of breath everyday off and on all day it is not constant though I have been to the ER many times they did an ekg heart monitor and heart sonogram they find nothing wrong with me they keep teling me it is anxiety but how could I have it this severe and what is wrong with my heart and shortness of breath?I am also always constantly concentrating on my heart rythm...Most everynight I also have severe insomnia because Im worried my heart will stop or something will happen to me health wise.I am so scared that something is seriously wrong with me that they are not diagnosing me with could there be something wrong with my heart that they are not seeing?I also do have low blood sugar sometimes like when I eat something sugary in the am about 2 to 3 hours later I get the shakes and sweaty palms and I have to eat something to feel normal again it only happens after I eat something sugary.What could be wrong with me?

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  • It seems that you are both concerned and a bit freaked out. For the concern part, I would go see a Cardiologist to see if they have any insight. For the freaked out part (and to help you deal with your anxiety/panic attacks), I highly suggest seeing a Psychiatrist. They will be able to both prescribe something to help you sleep and stop fixating and will be able to recommend someone for talk therapy which will help quite a bit too. If there is a problem with your heart, you aren't helping it by remaining panicked all the time. I understand that you cannot control that. Do what you can to fix your anxiety as soon as possible and then look into the heart thing.
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  • Just a thought, panic attacks, let's call them anxiety attacks it sounds better:) can be attached to many different things. I too experience weird heart beat things. I have dubbed them HBIs (heart beat issues) Sometimes it beats hard, sometimes it forgets to beat and then kicks in with a bang that send electric shocks down your arms. And that can trigger an 'anxiety attack'. I think about my heart beat all the time too and have had test after test to be told nothing serious. Maybe mitrovalve prolapse which is not a real problem. But guess what it's not their ticker going weird right? Well this is what I've found out so far. HBIs can be connected to B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia) mine are worse before I get my monthly shot, magnesium and selenium deficiency, hypo and hyperthyroidism and hashimotos too have an affect. Being tired causes HBIs but so does PA and thyroid issues. Mag. and Sel. are a big factor in HBIs. I would have multiple HBIs daily until I started taking mag. and then added brazil nuts daily (2-3) for selenium. Still get them sometimes and usually have a buzzing in my ears too - weird... I was amazed to find out how important the endocrine system is for the running of the body. Bottom line - most HBI and anxiety attacks are cased by chemicals in the system that are off. I am very curious how the the hypoglycemic issue is connected because I'm having issues with that right now. Still in the research of that. Try to find a way to calm yourself when this happens practice putting yourself in a happy place, ocean, forest what ever is soothing to you so when you do start to have an anxiety attack you can sometime lessen it by do this. One thing my Dr. said is when you have a full blown panic attack the only thing you can do is ride it out. I know he's right. Been there, done that. Best wishes to you, hang in there and keep researching and make sure you get all the blood test you can. Especially check your B12 and thyroid levels, not just the TSH but the T3 and T4 as well as the test for hashis. You are your best advocate stand up for yourself and don't believe everything a Dr. tells you. YOU know you best.Sue
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  • Thank you so much you all I feel a little better I am starting to think it is magnesium I am lacking I bought this natural drink from the health food store it is a magnesium drink to help calm you I am taking it for the 1st time tonite.I have been on klonopin in the past and that really messed my sleeping pattern up when I got off of it I am still not normal and it has been about a year.I need to try to not concentrate on my heart rythm so much I also hear the rushing in my ears if I stand up too fast or while first laying in bed like my blood pressure is high or something but I know it's not.I'm also under alot of stress with my husband times are very hard I can't go to a doctor as of right now I have no insurance and no way to get it seeing we don't have a whole lot of money and times are tough.Forgot to add I am a 35 year old female.Thank you so much for the input anymore advice or replys would be great as well.Thanks again!
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  • Please be careful taking supplements without your doctor's input. I only say that b/c a friend of mine hadn't been feeling well and started taking supplements that ended up putting him in the hospital so anemic that he could have died before he got there. Especially minerals you have to be really careful with.
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