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What wrong with my 5 yr old?

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  • Posted By: Emerald7
  • June 6, 2009
  • 06:16 AM

My middle child is a daughter who will be 6 in September. I have been working with the dr to try and figure out what is wrong with her, but she has many symptoms, and I don't know if they are unrelated or not.
Her symptoms include:

* heart murmur (innocent, but present since birth)
* small for her age (37 lbs & 41 in tall. She's only grown 1 in. this past yr.)
* thin hair that hasn't grown past her shoulders
* green stool, pretty much since birth...sometimes loose, sometimes not
* showed low blood sugar in recent lab work
* gets wart type bumps on her elbows and knees from time to time
* hands and feet are either extremely cold or clammy & sweaty

She has a sister who is 2 yrs older and a brother who is 2 yrs younger than her. They are both normal in height and weight. Actually, my 5yr old daughter is not much taller than my 3 yr old son. Neither of my other children have any problems related to my 5 yr old. Growing up, I've experienced my hands and feet being extremely cold and swelling when they warm up. I also had a lot of stomach problems that I was never able to get a diagnosis for. As I've grown, they have subsided. They included a rapid weight loss when I was around 19, loss of appetite, throwing up non-digested food at night, and stomach cramps. I also get stomach cramps when I eat cereal or pancakes in the morning, but not if I eat them later in the day. The drs ruled out IBS back when I was young, but I lost my insurance and never did figure out what the problem was. I am normal height and weight, as is my husband...and we are both healthy.

I was trying to tell myself that she may just be small but healthy...but the green stool still scares me. What type of specialist should I ask my dr to recommend? She has given me the number to a nutritionalist/dietician. Would that be the first step?

Thanks in advance for any insight. I'd hate to have my daughter suffer when a simple diagnosis could have her living healthy.

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  • Have you ever had her thyroid checked?
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  • I would say they need to check her thyroid first, but I would take her to children's hospital because they really get to the bottom of stuff like this. My son was really sick for the first year of his life and went to lots of doctors and don't worry he will be fine- forget the sleepless nights and hours of screaming. We went to childrens and in 2 weeks he had tests and has meds. Now he is healthy and happy.
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  • get ur 5 yr old checked for Iron Deficiency...let me know if its donecan u decribe the elbow and knee lesions in details itchy or painful???
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  • Hi,Sorry for the distress you are going through, its not nice for a parent to see their child suffer and not be able to help.I am a junior doctor, starting GP training in August so dont know much yet!!!!Was just wondering has your daughter been tested for systemic lupus erythematous - also known as SLE or CREST syndrome or sclerodermathese are autoimmune conditions which mainly effect connective tissue you can read about them a little more on line i recommend patient.co.uk very reiable websiteCREST syndrome stands for calcinosis, raynauds syndrome, eosophagitis, sclerodactyly, telangiectasia the calcinosis is hard lump calcium deposits in the skin ?wart like growths which they are sometimes desrcibed as in some booksraynauds syndrome can account for the cold extremitieseosophagitis may account for the green stools slerodactyly = webbed fingers/toes ??telangiectasia = dilates vessels that look like small spider webs on the skin or membranes of mouthperhaps the low blood sugar and poor hair growth is secondary to malabsorptionWhether or not the above apply she needs a full set of blood tests to include auto antibodies - these are components of the immune system that attack the bodies own cells and give rise to several different 'auto immune disease', with the above being just one example, id also recommend she had blood tests to check vitamins/minerals - vitamin a, b, c, d, e , magnesium, phosphate, folic acid, iron - these will show whther she is well nourishedLet me know how it goes on noor_alsoudaine@hotmail.com or email me if you just want to discuss anythingwishing you all the best
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  • and SLE/ other connective tissue diseases can cause growths on the heart that can cause murmurs too
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  • Thank you everyone for your responses! We have not had her tested for anything so far. She had blood work done for her school physical, which is how we found the low blood sugar. There seems to be so many possibilites on what could be wrong, that I'm not sure where to start! We have a good children's hospital in the area, so do I need a referral by my daughter's dr? As for a few of your questions, she hasn't had her thyroid tested at all. That's acutally not even something I had thought of, but something I will be researching now and bringing up to her dr. Her blood work did not show that she was anemic, so would that rule out an iron deficiency? Her lesions are small and filled with a clear liquid. She said they don't bother her, no pain, no itching. She fell the other and busted one open. It did bleed a tiny bit and didn't return after it healed. I had never even heard of SLE, but I will take your suggestion and look up information on the site you provided. From my own personal research, I was wondering if she had Celiac or Chron's. But only a few of her symptoms fit. But maybe her other symptoms are non-related? It's hard to know what is what. I will be talking with my dr and let everyone know what steps we decide to take. I feel embarrased to be asking for so many tests, insisting that something is wrong with my daugther. I don't want to make a mountain out of a mole hill...but better safe than sorry, right? Thanks again everyone for your help.
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