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What the heck happened?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 7, 2007
  • 03:58 PM

Maybe someone could tell me what this "episode" was??
First of all I woke up, got out of bed, I felt fine. I took a drink of water an started to exercise (toning) for ONLY 5-7 minutes. ( I exercise somewhat regularly.) I had to stop...I felt unusually worn out.
heartbeat sped up- breathing hard- felt excessively tired
felt very faint- like a blackout was coming
vision became weird,like wavy light and maybe blur
hearing- sounds faded and whistling started
then, sudden urge to throw up....and I did (just a little bile)
felt really hot, then felt cold chill, looked pale
then felt better, but tingly sensation over body for about 10 minutes (esp hands) Returned to normal.

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  • low patassium?
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  • If it came out of the blue, sounds like a panic or anxiety attack to me. You can get the chills, get faint, pass out, thow up, dizzy, feel numb and tingly, increased heart rate, pressure in the chest. When they first started happening to me in my mid 20's, I thought that I was having a heart attack. Explain your symptoms to your GP, if it is this and they start occuring all the time out of the blue, their is medication. Once mine started, they never stopped. Still when my heart rate increases with stress or with caffenine etc, I can still get them. Dizziness and faintness can also be caused by low potassium. I went to the heart doc too just to make sue everyting just checked out o.k. but depending on your age it is unlikely that you are having a heart attack. As said, they produce a lot of the same symptoms but with anxiety and panic, the symptoms subside shortly but it is scary. Just lie down and make sure you breath in and out from your stomach and not through your nose so that you do not hypervenilate, this makes it worse. If you do that, they will come and go. Hopefully that is all this is and you will not experience it again. Good Luck!:)
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  • Hi, read your post again, I am almost 99% certain anxiety, they are very scary but harmless. This is the exact same things tht happen to me. I now take medication to control them. Good luck!:)
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  • Hi, read your post again, I am almost 99% certain anxiety, they are very scary but harmless. This is the exact same things tht happen to me. I now take medication to control them. Good luck!:)Do you suffer from unrelated allergies, food intolerance or bad memory?
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  • not that I am aware of why:)
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  • try entering symptoms in a symptom checker. It will take you to links filled with options which contain your symptomsyou can google symptom checkers then find one that's easy. There are many
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  • Thanks to everyone for all the advice.Here is some more info about me that may help to figure it out.I am 5ft7in and weigh 105 lbs(underweight)....my BMI is 16-17. I only have periods about every other month. I have been researching anemia (due to vitamin/iron deficiency), low blood sugar, and thyroid/hypothalumus issues. I think It may have to do with one of these things. What does everyone else think?
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  • Have you been checked for vasodepressor syncope? (Also called vasovagal syncope, neurally mediated syncope,etc.). It happens when your vagus nerve malfunctions and you can have symptoms as you described, or can pass out entirely. A tilt-table test can determine if you have it. It is an easy test and only unpleasant if you have this type of syncope.It's worth a try - you may also check into postural orthostatic hypotension - low blood pressure upon standing or shortly after standing. Often happens with low body mass.I wish you luck. I have had these symptoms from both of these conditions AS WELL AS anxiety attacks. It was a pickle trying to get everything diagnosed properly!
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