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What is wrong with me.. been 3 long months=(

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 26, 2009
  • 06:58 PM

For past 3 months ive been dealing with this, my doctors put me on the pill as my periods kept coming early, from 3 week, to 2, then 1 week so i was on the pill for a month, i only decided to say yes to this because my stomach was bloated for the past month and i thought it could be my hormones, i stopped the pill after a month and then 4 days later all of sudden i got fluid retention all over (the soft kind)
When i went to the doctors i had no other symptoms and she said that it was the pill and should go down after a few periods, its been 3 months now and now i have many symptoms:

* Im having trouble breathing when i slough, or lay on my front or side.
Aswell i can hear it pop and somtimes something gets caught(feels like my lung?) and makes me light headed.
* My veins are 100 times more visible
*My skin is dry and no moisture's can help
*Im so tired everyday
*I sweat if i exercise alittle bit or simply walk, or sometimes randomly
*my feet go purple and my legs, and sometimes red
*When they gred, i get white spots all over my legs
*My muscles hurt/ache and i can feel/hear either my bones or muscle's clicking whenever i move (before this they didnt)
*My lips are blue or just very light coloured?
*And then of course fluid retention ALL OVER.. (is it even possible?)
*My muscle spasm sometimes and i keep getting tingly feelings all over, i get pins and needles when i sit down too and i just dont know why!

But what is mostly affecting me excluding this fluid retention, is that past 3 months my eyes have gotten awful, it looks like a rash and things, before any of this start they werent nothing like this but now there veiny, awful colour, has rashes or something on them and it didnt happen suddenly i saw it coming but ignored it... what is wrong with me:( Its affecting my life way to much!

Ive been to doctors alot about my bloated stomach, all they said was IBS, and kept giving me differnt pills, what should i do? I cant fit into my jean but im not willing to buy any new clothes as 1. i dont have the money and 2. i will not GIVE up... because i cant live like this :/ 3. I know its water weight as ive tried exercising eatting less etc and just doesnt budge,plus i have a picture from like the night before looking normal the next day nothing fitted me :(:(


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  • by the way i mean before my generalised edema, my stomach was bloated for a month.. I also get headaches, i cant concentrate really well, forgetful... Like i cant remember what i had for breakfast. And i even had a cool bath, wasnt to warm but i had to get out as sweat literally was dripping from my face and it made me go all light headed.. I am thinking about trying a new doctor but i truly believe that they wont do a thing and just tell me im ok. Thanks
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 27, 2009
    • 01:11 AM
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