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What is wrong with me?!?

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  • Posted By: Dancelovr79
  • November 28, 2007
  • 03:36 PM

I can say with certainty that I am sick with something. Every blood test is coming back as normal however my symptoms still persist. I can not say when this all started but I have had trouble with IBS since I was in High School, mostly due to stress. The IBM has subsided as I have gotten older however new GI problems started in March 2007. I was sick with a 24 hour bug, twice (2 weeks apart). Severe flu like symptoms, which disappeared after a day and a half. Immediately following I became severely lactose intolerant to the point where I could not tolerate the smallest drop of butter or milk. In addition to dairy products, I could no longer tolerate other foods such as salmon. I learned to stay away from these things however my stomach pain still persisted. The pain is generalized to the left of my stomach; it almost feels as if it is either right below or behind the bottom of my rib cage. I had an endoscopy done to ensure it was not Celiac Sprue disease and to make sure my GI track was OK. The results came back normal and I was once again diagnosed with IBS. As a long time sufferer of IBS, I know what the symptoms are and I knew that is not what was going on. I was sent for an abdominal sonogram, which concluded that I had an enlarged spleen and liver. I was sent for extensive blood tests by an oncologist who discovered that I did not have lymphoma, ect. but that I was reactive for Hepatitis B. He had asked if I was ever immunized and to the best of my knowledge I wasn't. He had also indicated that the immunization for Hepatitis B was given as an adult so I should technically remember. This subject was glossed over and I was told to come back in 6 months to observe the status of my spleen and liver. I went over the blood work myself and there were a few levels that were high included the CO2 level.

My GI doctors suggested that I visit an allergist to rule out that I was not allergic to dairy, so I did. As suspected, I was not allergic to any foods however; the allergist was also an immunologist who took an interest in my symptoms. She had suggested that it seems autoimmune however once again, after extensive blood tests, everything came back normal.

My symptoms still persist. I have had a headache for close to 4 weeks straight now. I don't sleep very well and find myself irritated a lot and I do not have normal BM's. I am running out of options here and do not know where else to turn. I am sick of being told I am healthy just because nothing is showing in the blood. It is clear there is something going on based on the enlargement of my spleen and liver, which is indicative to illness. The immunologist had passed a comment that sometimes stress can cause severe stomach cramps but I do not know how else to tell these doctor's it is not my stomach. I know what a pain in my stomach feels like and this is not is. It is clearly my spleen that I am feeling.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. There is nothing worse than being convinced that you are just making it up in your head or that you are crazy.

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  • There is so much you can do. Western Doctor don't work on Pancreas, Liver problems of that nature, unless it can all be defined as X or W diagnosticable disease.Please read on Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM), Bioset, and NAET. I will strongly recommend you to get in touch with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who practices NAET. NAET.com has the list.Read books such as "Never Be Sick Again","The Water Cure" "Say Goobye to Illness" - and research on Macrobiotics and Paleolithic diets. I myself don't follow any diet strictly, but Paleolithic diet, or Caveman diet give you the guidelines to improve your liver and pancreas health.Stick around- read some all posts about Pancreatitis, NAET, and Bioset...use the search key.Best,Fruity/
    Eatafruit78 960 Replies
    • November 28, 2007
    • 04:57 PM
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