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what IS wrong with me?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 12, 2007
  • 04:43 PM

Everysince I moved from my hometown to a new town I began experiencing problems that have just gotten worse and worse. At first it was flushing of the skin randomly, and having certain areas of my body that would sweat unstopably all day long(its called hyperhidrosis). I've had severe anxiety disabling me from doing pretty much anything, I can't communicate with others.. I just say something strange and I the way I put my words together just isn't "right". I can't put my thoughts into words, it comes out garbled/slurred/unintelligible. I constantly feel like I'm flying through everything, all my senses are heightened and the slightest movement/sound or whatever sets off the red light in my head and panic comes shortly after. My coordination is horrible, I can't navigate my way through a hall way without walking right into someone. I've pretty much lost motivation and I lack interest in almost anything. All I can feel is constant anxiety following me around everywhere, never comfortable, cant sit down because my legs build up with energy, cant stand up because im tired as ***t(excuse my french) and fall right back to the couch again. Im unresponsive to other humans and their actions aside from anxious responses.

What else can I say?

I'm anxious because I sweat like ***t and can't interact with people or have fun with life.

I sweat like *bleep* because I'm anxious and can't interact with people and know im going to sweat alot anyway.

I can't solve normal problem, I can't do anything without freaking out completely and can't keep a cool head.

People seem to like me when they first meet me, but after about a week or two of knowing me they begin to severely hate me... for reasons I don't know. It just seems inevitable.

I'm extremely passive and quiet, I don't talk much to anyone and im pretty much a dead lifeless nothing now.

All my doctors pass it off as is depression and give me anti depressants which make me feel ABSOLUTELY horrible beyond words. I don't consider myself depressed at all, I don't feel enough to be depressed.. I'm not in that self pity mindset im just "alive" and "not doing very well".

SO really after all that is said the real questions is... using the symptoms I listed as a base can ANYONE give me an idea or a bunch of ideas as to what this may be? I'm almost 100% sure it's not depression, so please don't say depression.

I think theres something wrong with my head.. or something else effecting my head in some way. When I drink alcohol all my problems go away, not just bliss... I mean every symptom except for the excessive sweating. I'm alot more coordinated when drunk(ironic isnt it?), I can talk... havea flowing convorsation with someone, I can do my daily tasks and solve problems easier, concentrate better.. enjoy life.

Anyhow, thats probly alot to read but I greatly appreciate anyone who can help me or point me in the right direction, or ***l, even reply to this thread.

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    • February 12, 2007
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