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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 13, 2008
  • 11:33 AM

I am 32 year old stay at home mom. I have to be..I literally can not work. I can hardly dust my house. I have whole list of symptoms, consisting of

Chronic muscle pain
Tingling, burning, sharp sudden stabs all over
This wierd feeling of electricity running up and down my body
Insomnia..only because of the pain
Sever headaches
Loss of short term memory
Loss of consentration (sorry about the spelling)
Feeling of choking (lump in the throat)
Joint pain even in the vertabrete.. everywhere but the left elbow
Falling over, stumbling, tripping up and down steps ect...
Severe weakness
getting sick is extremely easy
Can not put my chin to my chest...sharp shooting pain throughout my body
Loss of bladder control..but only some days and nights
Muscle spazms, cramps
Can not lift my arms..acute pain in shoulders (had surgery on left did not help)
Hearing cuts in and out (hear popping sounds when this happens) also really high pitch tones
Wieght gain
Progressive slowing while walking can start out at an ok pase but within 10 steps I am
slower than my 88 year old grandma.
Extreme weakness, couldnt pick up daughter at 23lbs
Sometimes cant hold my own head up
Severe Fatigue
Extreme sensitivity to light. can not drive at night dew to headlights

I told you I had quite a list, haha. Trying to keep my chin up...literally. I also have Type 1 Diabetes, Ostioarthritis, Degenerative disk disease (they think) But they cant explain the rest. I was seen by a Rhumitologist but he decided that it was Fybromyalgia because I had one triger point in my back. Well now they have dismissed that. They seem to blame a lot on my diabetes and tell me I must not be taking good care of myself, my A1C was only 5.1 which is actully very good considering I have had it for over 25 years. I have had a million blood draws that seem to all come back "within normal limits" same thing with MRI's and CT scans. Although I did have one test when I was 18 that the radiologist said "Possible Neuromuscular disease. but nothing sence that. I am tired of felling this way, looking at like Im crazy or a hypocondriac (spelling). All I want to know is whats wrong with me so I can start to heal...at least get on the right track. I look forward to hearing and reading anything that anyone has to say, and thank you for your time and consideration to helping me.

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  • sounds like thyroid and diabetes neuropathy or shingles...along with other issues.
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  • Agree with Monsterlove.......diabetes and thryoid often appear together and cause a multitude of symptoms....make sure your endo is carefully monitoring your thryoid levels FT4, FT3 and TSH (not over 2.5 or 3.0 and around 1 seems to be the best for many folks....for TSH that is) and for FTs mid range for the 4 and upper for the 3 where most folks feel good....but very individualistic.
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  • The type 1 diabetes puts you at increased risk for other autoimmune diseases. These include thyroiditis, celiac disease, pernicious anemia, myasthenia gravis, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis... plus a whole lot more (I think there's about 20 or so on the list).I had a lot of your symptoms and was ultimately diagnosed with something called Hashimoto's Encephalopathy. It's a rare complication of autoimmune thyroiditis, diagnosed by checking thyroid ANTIBODIES- even if your thyroid hormones are okay. Normally, doctors don't check antibodies unless hormones are off first... but with HE, most patients have normal TSH and other thyroid hormone levels. HE is treated with steroids. Most doctors have never heard of it. According to one study, the two most common symptoms are fatigue and headaches. It can also cause problems with balance and coordination, memory, concentration, etc. I also had a lot of bladder symptoms, swallowing difficulties, joint pain, and hearing.Of course, there's a lot of other things they need to look into... but if nothing else seems to pan out, you might consider asking to get checked for HE. It took me 8 years and 8 neurologists to get a diagnosis (not fun), so i like to share my story just in case there's others out there who could have it too.Best Wishes
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