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  • Posted By: immrniceguy1
  • April 18, 2008
  • 01:03 AM

I am only 18 going on 19. My family has no history of anykind of desease besides diabetes and breast cancer. Was tested for diabetes. the results were negative along with all the over basic blood test like blood sugar, thyroid, and other things that the doctor felt was appropriate. over the past few I been feeling more and more fatigue. It all started when i notice a spasm like feeling in my back just behing my rib cage to the left of the spine three inches or so. it feeling like there is air passing through there. I constantly feel that air like feeling several times a week. My hair has also been thinning slowly over the last 6 months. Now i am slowly losing my hair. i notice it fall out during the shower. I feel bloated from one to a few days out of the week. please help

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  • Have they checked you for celiac disease?
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  • it is a possibility for both because i sometimes conduct static more than the average person and reliac's disease is suppose to be genetic. I have an appointment in a with the doctor soon I will be sure to bring both up. I am native american, so I have no family that is bald or has any illness besides diabetes and maybe parkinsons. im not overwieght, im 5'9, 165ish
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  • Since you are Native American I wonder if it might be good (if you haven't already) to look up genetic conditions/ and or dietary conditions that may effect your ethnic group? Do you notice it more...that bloating that is when you eat certain things? Have you even done an elimination diet? I am not sure it is celiacs disease since this genetic disease mainly effects those of European background...Italy common and Irish folks and others of those of european descent in America. I am wondering, though, the hair loss and fatigue ...anything else? Thyroid fits those two very well, but doc says ok, HOWEVER, thyroid can be a bit tricky ...what was your TSH result...can you post it here? If you are feeling spasm in your back with those symptoms, I also wonder about your adrenal glands. They sit atop your kidneys (that is why you may feel it in your back...now just a guess here) and some folks can feel pain or ache in them ...at least I have, when they are "overworking". You can have adrenal function tested by testing cortisol...or have you had an ultra sound of that area? Adrenal gland problems will cause bloating, and fatigue by messing with the balance of cortisol and thus with the endocrine system and thus may also account for fatigue and some hair loss.... A couple of disease associated with the adrenal gland are Cushings and Addisons. You might want to look up on this. They are not all that common, though not unheard of, so doctors do not jump to test these as first go through, but you might want to research a bit. BTW, you are a young man, right? ...well, a few things to research and think and ask about!
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