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What is this!?!?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2007
  • 09:51 PM

Well I finally figured I should just come on here and see what advice I can get, as I am now officially concerned about what is going on.

I am a male, 22 years old, and for a couple of weeks now, maybe 2, i have noticed a very strange increase in my appetite to the point where it literally seems like every couple of hours my stomach begins craving food. This has never ever happened to me before and when it does I need something to eat, even know I may not be craving whatever it is i'm eating. It has gotten pretty bad the last week to the point where i have been buying little snacks here and there while at work. For example, i will have an egg sandwhich in the morning, which would always be enough until lunch, but in between that i would have an appetite for something else, and ill buy a muffin or whatever. One thing that may be an explanation for this is that somedays, within the last month, (before all this started) I have missed out on several meals, whether it be breakfast a day or two, lunch, or even dinner one day or two from what i can remember (because of my hectic work schedule). But i have missed meals before over the years and never had this problem.

i am a skinny kid, only 141 lbs, and this is just worrying me to no end. Another problem along with this is the fact that i have been going to the bathroom A LOT more too, and i mean a lot more. This problem kind of makes the whole fact that i missed some meals over the last month mean nothing. It seems like always, a few times a day, i'm in there "taking care of business". This whole situation has freaked me out and I have NO CLUE what it can be. Can anyone, please help me????

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  • Hi, im not sure what you have but i saw an advertisement in mz newspaper that was looking for people with unusal symptoms that require diagnosis. they have 5 leading medical specialisits so maybe they can help you?? here is their number: 02 9260 2328 or doctor@imgworld.com good luck, ann
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  • Your symptoms of hunger are similar to those that you might experience with reactive hypoglycemia. What do you mean when you say you go to the bathroom a lot? Is this diarrhoea, excess urination?
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  • Sounds a like what I have which is called Celiac Disease. Its a pretty common disease that can come on at any time and causes your symptoms. Look it up and see if it fits...Good luck!
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  • The classic symptoms of diabetes are increased eating without weight gain, increased thirst, increased urination. Maybe you should see a doctor soon.You didn't clarify if bathroom trips were for urine or stool, if urine - see doc.
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  • Well, thank you, i am a new by and i can see this forum makes the difference.
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  • im having the same problems i would go to a endocrinoligst i got a appointment for one in july i had a doc tell me im hypoglcemic and the endo im going to said i had prediabites good luck
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  • Maybe it's a tapeworm digesting all that food you are eating. It could be your glands. Start with a doctor of internal medicine. Have you been camping and drinking creek water? Eating in Mexico??? Eating empty calories???
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