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What is causing my sore tongue?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 5, 2007
  • 10:26 PM

I have had a sore tongue for nearly 2 years and cannot find what is causing it. I am unable to eat anything even remotely spicy because it will burn for a long time. It is also sensitive to texture, it hurts when I eat course foods, such as crunchy croutons.

The color is normal, but the surface has slight cracks.

My Dr. tested me for a B12 deficiency last year & I was found deficient, but not severly so. I have been taking B12 injections & my levels are good now, but there has been no change in my tongue.

I've ruled out other conditions I've found on the web. I've investigated a connection to other health conditions I have, namely hypertension and depression. I am taking meds for both of these, but by process of elimination I do not believe my sore tongue is drug related.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • I sounds to me like low iron. It has other symptoms also like weakness and a pica; eating ice,ashes,dirt or other inaminate objects. I am an RN and work in an infusion center and I see this daily. The best and fastest treatment is to get a bottle of liquid Geritol(yes they still make it) at Walmart or drug store. Take it daily with food.
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  • I've got no ideas for you Jude, but I've had exactly the same thing happening for a couple of years as well. I find anything salty or spicy burns the outside edges of my tongue, and I've got what looks like cracks in mine too. It's not too much of a problem for me because I never liked spicy foods anyway, but I can't, for example eat potato chips. Lately, I've been gatting the occasional sore tastebud too. My mother used to tell me that this was the taste bud dying (then another one would grow in its place. Don't know how true that is.) Come to think of it, I've definitely had to change my eating habits as a result. I'd love to know what's causing it.:rolleyes:
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  • Thanks, but it sounds like yours is actually the opposite of mine in that the edges of my tongue are the only areas that are not sore. I also get individual sore & swollen taste buds.
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  • I am going through the same thing! I have a slight coating on my tongue as well and my gums have been sore too. My dr. gave my Diflucan twice and that didn't help. She said I had thrush, but I didn't. My mouth is also alot drier than it used to be. This has been going on for about a month and a half. The dr. then said it was stress and told me to chill out. I've been stressed before and never had tongue problems. Who knows? It's maddening, isn't it???? I feel I might have some salivary gland issues. Do a Google search of Burning Mouth Syndrome and see if that makes any sense. Good luck!
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  • Burning mouth syndrome. For women around 50, start HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Mine was cured in three days. I had gone to the dentist, oral surgeon and Int. Med doc. No answers..Found it in a back issue of Prevention.
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