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what is best medication for this?????

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  • Posted By: bibas_27
  • May 16, 2007
  • 05:47 AM

I am a young man of 27 years old。From childhood I was shame
personality.I used to avoid people and places .I used to be so nervous
talking with people .I always used to seek company of my friends to go
school , market .I used to feel safe in company of other people.
I couldn't change my this personality when I finish my high school .At
that time I didn't know I had psychiatric problem.
Three years ago when I start to take clomipramine I had following
I used to check lock frequently.I used to count number frequently .I
used to think deeply and try to get answer of unsolved problems.for
example:HOw life begin in the earth?What is the origin of human
language?etc.When I failed to get answer of those unsolved problems I
used to be so
anxious and repeatedly think about the same matter .Even when I able to get the answer of one question .Another puzzled question used to arise in my mind .In this way I used to be anxious all the time .
I used to be so nervous while going outside .I used to seek company of
other peoples to go outside.I used to feel safe in my own room and feel
relief.I used to avoid some places where I thought I will be more
anxious there.And used to walk on alternative street.

According to doctor suggestion I stop medicine one month ago.But I got
the same symtoms that I mentioned above .Although I am taking
medicine(clomipramine) .I don't know what is my diseaeWhat is my disease ?What is the perfect medication for my problem?What
should I do to get ride of this problem?Should I take medicine for
whole my life ?
Is it normal to take antidepressants for whole lifetime ?

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  • while it is true that,yes, some people do have to take pills all life long,(and in this respect you really must do exactly as your doctor has advised you.)there may be some things you can do to begin to feel better.first you must understand that thinking has been of very little use to the human race in its search for truth.it is experiment that makes the difference! while you have drug support,set about building up a log of evidence that your fears are unfounded;you would write for instance,"30 may 2007.went out to shops.passed many people on the way.felt a bit worried,but everything turned out o.k. !"at the moment you are collecting evidence,but it is all imaginary!you need a diary of facts,to build up and rely on.this is the experiment you must do.next,i want you to build up a programme of physical activities. almost anything except"going to the gym"will do,but try to think of activities that will ultimately bring you into happy contact with others when you feel ready for that,and if you can be paid for your efforts,so much the better!or you may feel better combining activity with an intellectual pursuit,say archaeology.go and watch some archeological digs as a spectator,you will very quickly see the attraction!nature conservancy work also is full of social opportunity of the nicest kind,with the nicest,most kindly people you will ever meet. when you are isolated and self absorbed it is often difficult toaccept that others are lonely and needful in their own way too.but it is true.anotherthing you can do for your confidence would be to take up a martial art.sounds crazy i know,but in my experience this is a far from uncommon motive,and i know very many people who have found it very helpful. in your case i suggest aikido.you will not be hurt or humiliated ;aikido people are just not like that.you will have fun with plenty for your over active mind to do in learning the techniques.it is very sociable.you will have greatfun among clever decent people who will treat you with respect,and who will want only to help you learn in the best way possible.your long term aim should be to make yourself fit to be somebodys life partner,but do not rush at this.when you are more active you will find that you attract a lot of attention;this is only natural,but beware,you will not be ready for a while yet!this has only been lesson one!
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