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What happened to me?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2007
  • 04:21 PM

I will submit the facts and the story

Female 28, athletic

Day of incident I rollerbladed 8 miles, walked 2, ran another 2 miles and then I had a 55 min soccer game.

I take Fish oil every night before bed. I have for 8 yrs
That day I also started taking for the 1st time in my life Hoodia extract all natural, and chromium picolate. I had 1 of each throught the day.

Non-smoker & Non-drinker.I have never been preganant and wasn't. I do not take contreceptives or any other medications. I did did an allergy pill (zyrtec) that day I had allergies really bad due to pollen. I live in Florida it gets muggy.

I also thought I would mention that right after the physcial activity I had plenty of fluid. I drank about 6 water bottles and I also had 2 Sugar free low carb MONSTER energy drinks which contain Guarana, Taurine, Caffeine ...

I have no known allergies and I have never had any medical porblems my entire life.

Family has a history of heart disease and kidney stones.

During my soccer game I was rlbowed in the left upper arm in my muscle.
I felt fine nothing out of the ordinary , just a typical bruise. I arrived hom, ate a yogurt and an apple....had some decaf tea and showered and went to bed.

I awoke at 1:00 am to severe pain in my left arm and noticed an elevated muscle in my arm that resembled a huge blood clot or muscle spasm. Due to the fact that it was in my left arm I was concerned it may be a sysmptom of something heart related and I decided to go to the ER.

Upon triage my vitals were amazing, no high blood pressure, O2 sats were excellent and all other vitals were excellent.

ER physician could not figure this elevated bump out and wanted a sonogram of the left arm to check for clotting etc.. The ultasonographer was thorough and indicated a very miniscule blood clot...but she wasn't sure. After 1 and 1/2 she said it was and the Er physican decided to inject me with 80 mg of Lovenox for 3 days BID> and sent me home.

I took lovenox for 2 days and didn't notice the pain going away and the muscle/"clot" was still raised....I was feeling worse and weak.
I decided to order my ultrasound report and go see my family doc.

My family doc was in shock and thought it was impossible for me to have a arm clot and that I was in excellet health. he ordered ultrasounds of everything and a CT scan, he took chest exrays and I also checked my lungs and he drew blood. All tests came back clear and free. Even the ultrasounds were fine. No clotting no worries. My lungs were clean, my heart was great no arteries were blocked.

My blood work came back excellent with the exception of the blood thinners making my blood too thin. It turned out I was enemic and had iron defficaincy on top of having been giving blood thinners.

My doctor was concerened with my arm since the condition was still present. He decided to order a complete series of blood work and he is going to check my veins and other things for any tyoe of werid blood diseases ect. There is no reason for me to clot since I am very healthy and on top of that I have think blood how and why would I clot? Anyhow He thinks the ultrasound was inaccurate and I was misdiagnosed.

Can I get a second opinion? Is it possible the energy drink caused an arm tremor and that is what I had and not the clot? the clot of up high in my arm and the rasied muscle bumo on my arm ws on my lower arm...
any help or advice would be appreciated

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  • I don't know but I have heard of weird incidents concerning energy drinks such as red bull.
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  • You have a very conscientious doctor He should have some results for you. Perhaps you set yourself up for a reaction to the impact that would not have happened but for the excessive (??) fluids. You may be more sensitive to the combo cocktail than you think. You may need a more organic type of diet with organic smooties. It's hard to say what caused it--the angle of the blow and the force. I tend to go with you regular doctor and think it was an over-diagnosis and perhaps nothing more than an injured/bruised/spastic muscle. Hopefully your doctor can help balance your blood again. Good luck. Take it easy the next couple of months.
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