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What could cause such severe constipation

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  • Posted By: cozynana
  • October 4, 2009
  • 07:49 PM

I had a colonoscopy in April, ended up in the hospital three times later on and was given mulitple drugs. I have not been able to have a bowel movement by myself since then. I have to take laxatives to achieve a bowel movement. I have gone through so many and most do not work any more. I have pain on the left side where the large intestines comes horizonally across and starts down. I have been to many many doctors and they don't know. What illnesses, deficiencies, and problems could cause this? I can feel the waste move and sometimes this throws me into extreme pain and anxiety attacks. After an hour or two I am better, but need to sleep. These episodes just wipe me out.

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  • I can't imagine what you are going through based on your specific symptoms, but I empathize from the perspective of feeling off or suffering with ailments doctors just cannot explain or help with.I know from taking Motrin/Ibuprofen (pain reliever of choice) and Pepto Bismol and Pepcid AC (gastrointestinal relievers of choice); if you take too much of any of these you will be competely constipated. It sounds like you are suffering from severe gas for 2hours when your body is trying to regulate itself in reaction to whatever is happening. Anything that causes consistent pain for hours is going to force rest. I think this is an effect not a cause much like if you are told you have depression. At this point, I would expect you would feel emotionally low because of feeling like you don't have control. You may also be feeling toxic at this point.What to do to fix your GI tract? I think you want to try the natural route to give your body a break from the laxatives and whatever foods are causing this. My fear with the laxatives is your body will be dependent on them and they could be causing other serious problems like dehydration.Needs to consider: 1) you need to be drinking alot of water, but be careful about tap water because there are alot of metals (don't take vitamin C with tap water ever = there are potential and documented chemical reactions like rust deposits that can result) and the last thing you sound like you need are more variables2) a nutrionist (or regular physician that can request blood work) to make sure your vitamins and electrolytes are not off (ie: a vitamin E deficiency deals with major mal-nutrition and if you take excess amounts of vitamin C it can cause diarhea along with other major health problems, but maybe you don't have any C = http://ezinearticles.com/?5-Different-Types-of-Vitamin-C&id=418566)3) eating legumes and vegetables may help with moving your bowels, but they may also contribute to the gas it sounds like you also are suffering with; so in moderation4) bene-fiber or metamucel, and/or if you can deal with the texture: Activa Yogurt or they have Cheese now both in the dairy section5) eating large amounts of dairy can contribute to constipation6) I would also look into the 7-day colon cleanse you can get at GNC7) even a candida cleanse may ultimately be helpful. Candida deals with yeasts caused by various parts of our diets and antibiotics. These cleanses are suppose to start your body back at a healthy stage so you can tolerate the taste of veggies and fruits without experiencing various gastrointestinal symptoms8) there are also products like supergreens, ultragreens, and live sprouts that are suppose to help with alkalinity and having less acidic blood; innerlightinc.com sells super greens (I've tried these it is a powder you add to water = tastes like unsweetened green tea to me) and energiseforlife.com sells ultra greens (if memory serves the ingredients showed berries so this may have a lighter or fruitier taste, but i have not tried it)9) GNC and any health food store may also have papya enzymes which is suppose to relieve GI discomfort from fruits & veggies10) walking around has a tendency to help with digestion11) witch hazel for cleansing will help with any external physical results of not properly evacuating12) there was also a product called nu-zymes I got from an infomercial years back that was suppose to help with digesting a lot of different foods. Basically a more natural alternative to Pepcid AC, Tums, Pepto Bismal, Beano, and lactase supplements.13) try Omega-3 fatty acids to help with colon lubrication14) MUST REDUCE STRESS = I understand the whole situation causes you stress, but stress can also be creating alot of the constipation and GI symptoms you are struggling against; to reduce try:a) breathing (there are actual programs like Heart Math, Meditation, and other info-mercial type programs), listening to music or something relaxing, swimming, and b) get your adrenals checked (blood test for DHEA levels) as they may be completely worn down from your body working so hard; when we mention anxiety the adrenals are typically causing part of that change in our blood along with chortisolI hope any of this helps and wish you well.
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