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what can this be?

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  • Posted By: tx3amigos
  • May 6, 2008
  • 00:38 AM

I had a high white count in Nov 12/07
WBC 16.0 = 62% lymphs..29% polys -all other blood work was normal

Had it repeated after I had taked Valtrex for a few days 12/07
WBC 12.0 = lymphs just slightly elevated
(I took the Valtrex because I had a cold which I thought was a viral infection..no other problems)

Last week 4/08
WBC was 18.0 = 67% lymphs 22% polys (Ihave a cold or sinus problems at the moment)
everything else is normal but my total protein (serum) is low and so is the albumin & globulin and A/G ratio.
No other symptoms or problems..but having lots of personal& financial stress. What are the diagnostic choices?

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  • First of all, I think it is a good sign that you do not have any other symptoms. Honestly, stress is a horrible enemy and can wreck complete havoc on your body. While it small doses it can be beneficial, chronic stress can cause lasting physical damage. Stress in and of itself can cause a high WBC and weakens your immune system in general which makes you more prone to infections. All of the blood work you mentioned points to signs of inflammation and nutrition deficiencies. Essentially, poor nutrition can trigger an inflammatory reaction which then causes the body to release cortisol (which stress produces and is meant to decrease inflammation) to try to counteract it. If your body is already flooded with cortisol from stress and then producing more due to a low-nutrition diet it can dramatically effect your blood results. (If you do a search for "stress and inflammation" you will find several articles.) I would recommend trying to alter your diet slightly (primarily try to avoid/minimize sugars, caffeine, fats, alcohol, etc.) and see if your blood results change. Although I think your problems are most likely stress-related, I would also recommend speaking with your physician to rule out any serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases, liver/kidney disorders, and cancers. I truly hope your stress level goes down. I've been through periods of chronic stress myself and the last thing I want to hear from people is that I "need to reduce stress," since frankly, it's not always possible. A change in diet can have a dramatic effect on your overall health. While it will not make stress go away, it can help strengthen your immune system to better cope with external stressors and help prevent damage. Best of luck!
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  • Thanks for you answer. I hope you are right. I've had lots of stress since last November but it's finally calming down. I also was trying to lose weight by doing a 3 day protein only diet every week and then eating healthy...this was probably way too serve. ..and last week started biking 15 miles everyday until I got sick last Friday. So I guess I need to be a little less harsh and alot kinder to myself.. I have been resting the last few days..plan to only bike everyother day...will only eat healthy balanced meals..cutting out all alcohol . Also stopped by the pharmacy today and bought some fresh vitamins, 1000mg Vit C, and a probiotic. Promised myself to also get 8 hours of sleep everynight too. Visited my GP today and tried to get her to test me for EBV (boyfriend also seems to be chronically tired and have lots of colds too)...she instead wants me to see a Hemotologist/Oncologist next week.thanks again
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