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  • Posted By: ethican
  • March 12, 2007
  • 06:18 PM

i cannot get a diagnosis and it's taking too much away from my life. i need to get back
to living. please help me figure it out!

about me...
- 6'0"
- 230lbs
- 32 y/o male
- former athlete/sport build/large thighs+calves (185-190lbs in excellent shape)
- currently sedentary at 12-16 hours/day on a computer at work and home
- been sendentary for about 1 year

i get/have the following symptoms now...
- moderate chin numbness that comes and goes but stays a while when it happens
- tingling of the lower lip about 10-20 times per day for 5 seconds
- tingling in the right eyeball about 1-2 times per day for 5 seconds
- sharp pins in forearms 5-10 times per day for 5 seconds
- sharp pins in torso/stomach skin/surface a few times per day
- tingling in hands throughout the day, but not constant
- tingling in toes and feet 5-10 times per day
- wake up with feet moderately asleep each morning, but not numb
- sharp pins in throat 3-5 times per day
- tingling in scalp several times per day
- feel dizzy sometimes for a few seconds when i turn quickly and focus on something
else, but never had this happen before
- need glasses now but prescription is not strong
- generally tired and need to nap but used to be 6 hour/night sleep and always energetic
- sore neck and back muscles but no strong pain
- other things i'm sure i'm forgetting here
- when i sweat mildly like when you need to take a sweatshirt off because the room is
too warm, i get the pins and needles all over as the sweat glands kick on.
- conscious of heart beat when lying down
- seeing stars sometimes. if i stare at something white, i can see a few stars.

this is how i got to this point...
january week 1
+ had been feeling intestinal cramps for months
+ saw gi doc and he suspected nothing but ordered colonoscopy
+ sent me to get ct scan with contrast
+ i had allergic reaction to iodine with hives and itching

january week 2
+ had colonoscopy and was 100% normal
+ while eating sunflower seeds that i've been eating every day for 5 years, my throat
suddenly swelled up and i felt like i'd pass out. i had to go to er
+ gave me benadryl and prednisone at hospital
+ throat swelling went away but chest pressure was awful

january week 3
+ stopped prenisone and chest pressure subsided
+ blood pressure and heart rate all out of wack
+ exhibited symptoms of hyperthyroidism
+ test for hyperthyroidism was negative
+ having lightheadedness off and on
+ battery of tests done at quest diagnostics, all negative

january week 4
+ tingling starts but no pain
+ headaches in top left of head
+ also feels like someone is pulling out my hair

february week 1
+ tingling mixes with numbness
+ headaches worse but always in top left

february week 2
+ brain scan mri done - negative for ms indicators
+ lyme disease test negative
+ other tests negative

february week 3
+ daily headaches go away by now but still get some, but not in same place all the time.
this is only interesting because i never get headaches ever.
+ stress giving me heartburn or acid reflux...started taking pepcid ac (works)

february week 4
+ echo done on heart due to disrythmia (which i've always had) but looked fine

march week 1
+ went to ER with strong nerve pain like sharp electrical shocks all over, gave neck x-ray,
found nothing, sent me home. nurse said they would do mri if x-ray negative, but
physician's assistant overruled before looking at x-ray.
+ legs felt heavy one night while walking down hallway and felt like i might pass out
for about 30 seconds.
+ echo with stress done on heart and disrythmia disappears when heart rate is elevated.

march week 2
+ sharp pins in abdomen
+ tingling in cheeks when i touch them
+ numbness in chin
+ certain sleeping positions seem to aggrevate or alleviate sharp pains when i get them.
basically if i feel pain and move into a different position, it seems to subside.
+ yesterday, i noticed if i sat in a particular chair, i got paresthesias right away,
but when i got up, they stopped immediately. i did it twice and had the same results.
the chair was a soft lazy-boy.

going for cervical spine mri, but wondering, is this a waste of time?

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  • Since you mentioned lyme disease...I just wanted you to know that there are 3-4 different tests for lyme disease. Most doctors don't run all the tests and therefore miss the disease. I recommend you research what tests are available and find a reputable doctor that knows about the different tests and is willing to run them.
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  • Sounds like a lead. In the meantime, is there anything I can do myself to narrow the options? :eek:
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  • This may be difficult to accept, but all of the symptoms you list could be due to stress - our brain can sometimes develop the habit of converting emotional distress into physical symptoms to distract concious awareness from some psychological pain. It is a vicious cycle of symptoms creating stress, stress increasing symptoms. Since you have been thoroughly checked out and the doctors can find nothing wrong, why not give it this challenge: completely ignore the symptoms as much as possible, do not allow them to induce more stress, re-interpret them as nothing serious. Exercise reasonably, take a multi vitamin and practice stress reduction techniques like deep breathing, meditating, journaling, etc. I have suffered for years from a mystery malady with similar traits and it was stress - neurotransmitters out of whack. A trial of antidepressants might be worth a try.
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  • turns out i have a bulging disc in my neck. i also have sciatica. could these two things be causing all these other side affects apart from the paresthesias?
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