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What's the cause of my mouth pain?

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  • Posted By: MissSickly
  • April 23, 2011
  • 01:58 PM

I've had bad experiences with my wisdom teeth that went on and off for the past couple of months. I ad some signs of non-wisdom teeth related pain about 2 weeks ago, but it never got bad. However, starting about 2 days ago and now getting to the point of unbearably, my tooth, about 2 teeth away from the wisdom tooth in my upper-right mouth, is hurting a lot. The gum right above it hurts the most. It's swollen and very sensitive. It has covered about half of the tooth. The submandibular glands on the right side of my neck are really swollen. Before, I used to clench my teeth repeatedly to help with how irritated it felt, but now that's not possible at all because of the pain. My throat feels kind of dry and I'm not sure if this relates to anything, but I had a fever last night with an upset stomach (nausea) when the pain started to get extremely bad.I still feel slightly sick, but it's weird because I didn't feel this way until my mouth started to get bad.

Can this still be my wisdom teeth? I have no pain in my wisdom teeth, just those areas stated. Maybe I'm over-thinking things, but I can't see a dentist anytime soon so any advice i well-appreciated.

Facts: 17 yr old Female, family history of bad wisdom teeth experiences (mother and older brother say this is normal and must be my wisdom teeth because they went through the same thing... they never saw dentists for their issues)

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  • 17 is a bit young for wisdom teeth to be causing problems (mid to late 20s is normal). Ask your parents how old they were when they had their problems. Impacted wisdom teeth push forward on the teeth in front of them and can cause a "chain reaction" kind of pain that comes and goes. I had this, and it really hurts. Probably why many eventually are motivated to have impacted wisdoms pulled. This may subside and buy you some time, but it will be back so it's best to plan on having them looked at. Impacted wisdoms can also get "rotten" as they are growing sideways and only a small portion of the tooth is above the gum line, making them hard to keep clean. Dental problems can turn into a real bad situation if you don't bite the bullet and get some work done once in a while. Infection from bad teeth can even spread into the bones of your skull. The "swollen gland" and throat/stomach symptoms could be signs of an abscess. Pus can drain down your throat and irritate it and cause an upset stomach as well. You should have bad breath if you've got this kind of (draining) abscess... Breath into your cupped hands and smell your breath, or ask a friend if your breath has been bad lately. Infection usually smells pretty bad. If you do have this bad smell, you need to do something rite away. Google "dental abscess" and see if the symptoms match what you've got going on. If you do have an abscess, go to the ER if you have to. An infection in your head is nothing to fool around with. Do some research and see if you can get some financial help to get this looked at. Ask to talk to a social worker at the county hospital. You should be able to talk to someone for free, and there is usually a program for minors with medical problems that may pay for your treatment. If you wait till you are 18, this help may no longer be available! If you can't see a hospital social worker, just walk into a dental clinic and tell the receptionist you need help. She/he may have a program they can steer you towards that will pay your way. Again, this may not be available once you turn 18. Dental work is no fun, but once it's done, you'll feel a lot better. If you let things go till you've got a bad abscess, you could be hating life like you wouldn't believe for a month or more. Good Luck, and GodSpeed to you
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