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What's going on with me??

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  • Posted By: peeza79
  • July 25, 2008
  • 01:43 AM

I am a 29 year old mother of 2. Recently, i have been experiencing some strange things. It all started about 2 years ago........I think.

I have been having major irregularities in my menstrual cycle for about 2 years, I also developed acne, which I never had a problem with before. I also started having a small amount of nipple discharge despite not being pregnant or breastfeeding. These were things that I just figured were nothing to be worried about.

However, I have now had a headache all day, every day for over 3 months, I have had bone pain, muscle spasms, muscle twitches, extreme fatigue and arthritis like symptoms with NO joint swelling. I have been urinating more frequently and to top it all off, I have gained 50 pounds in the last 5-6 months.

I have had some blood tests, all of which were normal except my vitamin B-12 was low, for which I recieved a shot. I also had an MRI of my head, which came back normal. The B-12 shot hasn't made any difference at all.

Does anyone have any ideas??

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  • Would recommend an endocrinologist and then if necessary metobolic work work up. Sounds like something is just a little off. All your complaints can fit into issues in those families. Keep food logs of what you eat. How much protein, sugar, breads, glutens, carbs, etc. Do this for several weeks Let us now. Also let us know test results. Much of this sounds like hormonal issues after your pregancy. You just need to realign your body. Good luck.
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  • well . . . i am 15, but i have most of those symptoms, excluding the nipple discharge. i don't really remember my blood work, b/c i first went to the endocrinologist in March, but I was diagnosed with some kind of thyroid disorder and Polycysitic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS ). Basically, she said that your thyroid is like a locked door. Antibodies are like keys that come and unlock the door, and go through and finish being made. Somewhere along the line, a "key" was put in the lock, but the handle was broken off, so no other "keys" could even try getting inside. This threw off the levels of antibodies in my body, along with hormone levels. That causes the weight, fatigue, and some other things. PCOS is basically when your ovarian cells that are suppose to make estrogen, use a "recipe," but when you have PCOS something is missing from the "recipe." So the estrogen your ovaries make isn't really estrogen, and the body confuses it for testosterone. This leaves your thyroid and other glands to try and fill in the gaps of missing estrogen. The problem is that they don't produce enough to fill it in. So your ovaries won't ovulate until you have gained enough estrogen to mature and release an egg. It also cause you to have too much testosterone. This may result in acne and some extra hair growth ( on your tummy or along you the edge of your face, ect. ) Both of these are treated easily with medicine. I would see an endocrinologist. You may not have one, or either, of these, but you probably have something similar. I do warn you, do not randomly research things on the interent. It can be overwhelming. Just see your doctor. They'll point you in the best direction. Best of Luck,Emily
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  • I second the endocrinologist, along with a mammogram..
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  • I third the endocrinologist and second the Tick born/Lyme testing. Theres alot more to it than "just" Lyme disease.Have you been tested for other infections an viruses? Giving birth is a trauma to the body and maybe hat awakened a past infection. Best Wishes~~JerseyLymie
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