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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 4, 2007
  • 00:25 PM

Hi there,

I am a little concerned about some issues I have been having recently. For weeks I have been getting what I can only describe as mild twitches... in my hands and what feels like my brain / head. It feels like if it was any stronger you could see me flinching facially. The twitches occur every few minutes... sometimes seconds... It is quite uncomfortable although not painful.

The night before last I had a horrendous experience whilst I was dozing off to sleep at night. I was half dreaming but all of a sudden there was a noise in my head that was so loud - like a million violins all playing dischordantly in one go. I tried to wake myself up by moving from this half-sleep but my body was totally paralysed. I couldn't scream and I was so so frightened as I new it was a mess-up in my head. It took a good minute to before I was able to gently move my fingers and finally get up and see my flat mate for comfort. I was sweaty and shaking for quite a while - coming to terms with this strange experience.

Last night I also wet the bed. I am mortified and so embarrased and I am wondering if all these above could be related.

Has any body got any advice / information on what could be causing this I would be so grateful as I am so frightened at the moment.

Mook x

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  • mook, please read thread titled "The Truth About CFS/ME"I know many people who have had the niose in the head, wetting the bed, being temporarily paralyzed and the facial muscle twitching.Hope you are feeling much better:) Be well, mommy cat
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  • Been there- totally :oYou are not alone- my story is long but basically you either have an active infection or something gave you some 'neuroimmune' glitches.You must have fatigue and internal inflammation. Maybe you are toxic and not there is not enough oxigenation.Try a good Naturpath- or Acupuncturist- the best one you can get. Do something as far as detoxing just diet and elminating chemicals from your environment. In other words go as green as you can.Avoid sugar, coffee, wheat, sodas, aspartame - just to take some of the burden off your system. Try taking baths with baking soda, vinegar, clay, dead sea salt. Not very long baths. Just 30 Min.Don't try anything harsh like colonics or random supplements with obscure ingredients.Look into Oil of Oregano- it supported my immunse system.My nightmares went away when taking care of my inflammation with NAET. I had bad sleep paralysis and terrors, I was almost schizo :(- I was so thirsty at night and there was Mold in my room and I was allergic to my bed- uffff. Polyester in my pajama gave me panic attacks and nightmares. Take note. You are not alone/crazy.LoveFruity.http://www.drcranton.com/elimination_diet.htm
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  • So is it an illness and why would detoxing help? This CFS thing concerns me... is there a cure? Does any one have information on what else it can be? My hands and head are tingling to the point of insanity at the moment. :'(
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  • Make sure you get a blood test- talk to your doctor.As far as the detox goes- I believe that when your body immune response is debilitated the body overproduces toxins to fend off invaders but those toxins are not properly flushed and we get pain. That's just the oversimplify version- sorry.Take care.Drink lots of fluids and all green vegetables and fruits you tolerate.Best,Fruity.
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  • Are you on Ambien?
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  • So is it an illness and why would detoxing help? This CFS thing concerns me... is there a cure? Does any one have information on what else it can be? My hands and head are tingling to the point of insanity at the moment. :'( As a long term CFS sufferer who's studied that illness for many years, im 99% sure or more that you havent got CFS. One at this site insists telling everyone they have CFS. So dont worry. To have CFS, one has to have the conditon for 6 mths and have MANY more symptoms sleep paralyses is something any one can get some time in their life and isnt usually illness related in anyway, it can lead to having out of body experiences so is a state many into the occult aim for . It can be drug related thou if you are on those. The best way ive found to come out of a sleep paralysis state is to relax!!! and just try to wiggle a toe (or finger as you did anyway). If you relax thou, you'll come out of this state easier. Im wondering if you are on SSRI drug (anti-depressant).. cause ive read that can cause twitches like you described in some. This can start happening even if one has been on them for a while.
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  • Sleep apnea? One of the symptoms is a paralysis-like, dream-like event.
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  • I came off anti-depressents about two years ago (Citalopram). Do you think the twitching, sleep paralysis and bed-wetting could be related? Thank you everyone for your comments btw. Really nice to be able to chat anonymously about it and get some opinions. Put's my mind at ease a little. :o
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  • Two out of the three problems occur when you sleep. Can you consult a sleep specialist? Do you take sleeping pills? The twitching might mean you are sleep deprived.
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  • I don't take sleeping tablets and nearly everynight get between 7 - 9 hours sleep. I would be surprised if it was sleep deprivation. A colleague mentioned this could be stress??
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  • Urinating during/after Nocturnal Seizures is extremly common. As far as Sleep Paralysis, it is not common to urinate during or after the episode. The symptoms of both are very much the same.
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