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Weird symptoms, can anyone help?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 11, 2013
  • 01:22 PM

I'm a 29 year old woman, I feel healthy most of the time. Over the past couple months I have not felt quite right in a lot of ways. My fatigue has been worse (though I chalked it up to nightshift). My headaches, which I have a history of, have been somewhat more frequent and more intense. Two weeks ago I had a migraine so bad I could barely move. It was not entirely gone for more than a day. I was throwing up but there wasn't exactly nausea that went with it except a few moments before I would get sick. Last week I was on vacation by myself and I had a seizure. I was still mostly consious. I got really weak and thought I was about to faint so I got on the floor but then every muscle in my body tightened and began jerking. I thought my teeth would shatter because I couldn't unclench my jaw. It lasted only a minute or two. When I thought it had passed I got up, suddenly very very thirsty. I made it to my hotel bathroom and thats the last thing I remember before I woke up facedown on the floor (my face broke the fall and my tooth split the inside of my lip in the process). I had absolutely no idea where I was, was completely deaf, and had lost control of my bowels. I was not able to move for several minutes. Sound began coming back but it was jumbled and became deafening. It took a while to differentiate the sounds of the water still running, the bathroom vent, etc. I was so tired I couldn't do anything afterward but sleep after I got myself together. Mentally I have not felt like myself; I am guessing my reactions to everything. I have been having brief dizzy spells and mild but frequent headaches. I can't focus on anything (less than usual, ha).

The problem, aside from whatever is going on, is that I have a history of depression since I was 13. While that's obviously a common issue, I am flabbergasted how frequently doctors do not take me seriously when they see that on my chart. Everything is blamed on it. I could walk into an ER disemboweled and trailing my intestines behind me and I will be dismissed with a Celexa refill. I pay out of pocket for doctors because I cannot afford insurance, so I do not go unless I am in extreme pain, terrified, or the problem obviouslty becomes something I cannot ignore any longer. I am afraid I am going to go to my doctor who I've only seen a few times and will be blown off. Has anyone ever experienced or heard of these symptoms together?

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  • First of all I'm sorry to hear about your problems, they soundvery bad. I also am sorry to hear that you've been getting dismissed a lot by doctors who are supposed to be treating you, but I've had similar experiences - frankly, it is best to avoid mentioning anything whatsoever about depression or anxiety when going to see most MDs, because the tendency is to immediately profile such people as having psych. problems rather than conventinoal medical issues. It's a huge problem in the healthcare system today; stigma nonwithstanding, a lot of people don't get the care they need because doctors are ignorant or uncaring that nearly 50% of people with psych. problems have an underlying medical disorder.Anyway, that's all incidental. I'm just saying that if you can help it, avoid bringing in your charts that document the depression problems in the past, and do not mention them. This will assist the doctors in focusing on your real problems. Your symptoms are very worrying and you should take them seriously and try not to be too concerned about the cost of care right now - I know that can be ridiculously challenging when you don't have insurance, but you are going to need to get some seriously expensive tests done, like an MRI for starters. Seizures and headaches can be due to many different things - they are non-specific symptoms, but a lot of the things that they do point to are dangerous. For example, brain tumors can cause these symptoms via mass effect, that is the first thing that comes to mind. I'm not a doctor and I'm not trying to diagnose you, but it's something to ask your doctor about when you can. And when he asks to run certain tests, I would strongly advise you to go ahead with them despite the cost because if it is something severe then your health could deteriorate down the road and end up costing more! Good luck
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