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  • Posted By: paolita
  • May 20, 2008
  • 00:40 AM

About 2 months ago I had a really bad headache that was more pressure than a regular headache, then it all reflected on my neck, so I went to the chiropractor and it felt better and I kept going for a month and a half. Everything seemed fine, but then about a month and a week I got another but headache which are not really bad but they don't go away, just flows from low to moderate level. Next, i went back to the chiropractor but this time no relief. So, I went to a regular physician and he told me that it seemed a tension headache because it was my neck and the side of my head so he prescribed Fioricet, which I take at bedtime. It works great for the night. In the mornings is not bad, sometimes I feel lightheaded or with a little headache than shortly goes away. During the day, I feel mostly fine but then in changes and my throat starts hurting that I don't even want to talk, it's itchy and feel irritated. Other days my ears starts hearing, actually in front of it toward my cheek and I can feel it connecting to my throat. I've gone to the doctor and he says that my ears look fine, and my throat is not but. I am taking antibiotics amoxicilin but I don't feel any difference. Could all these symptoms be related>? I mean random head spasms, ear and cheek pain, sore throat so painful and then they all just go away and as fast they come back. One day it can be in my right side the other day it could be in the left one. I don't understand! has anyone experience something like this?:confused:

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  • Have you asked the doctor if the new symptoms are related to the medication? I think the original headache does sound like tension headache and it's possible the only relief you will feel is from pyysical therapy . I know it sounds silly but there is physical therepy for tension headaches I used to get it. The main thing they do is use an ultrasound machine on your neck and the heat/vibrations and pressure it gives off does seem to help also tension heaches are usually cause by posture and stress. If stress isnt an issue then try putting a pillow under your ars while your sitting to elevate your shoulders w/o putting any pressure on the muscles. I do this still and I rarely have tension headaches. Mine are entirely controled by relieving pressure on my neck and shoulders. There are also exercises the physical therapist can show you to relieve pressure from your neck and shoulders as well as improve your posture. I may be way off but it sounds like tension headache with a possible bad reaction to the medication perscribed to you.
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  • Actually I have serious issues with stress. I am really bad about concerning and stressing myself easily. I used to suffer with gastritis in my stomach because of that too. I didn't know that there were that kind of treatment, that sounds like a good idea. I just hate how it moves around so I can't even describe it, or how one day is my head and the other is my neck or my ear and throat. I am embarrassed about going to the doctor because they look at me like I would be crazy. But it hurts and annoys me every day.Thank Kimv28 for your advice!
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  • You are very welcome and remember to ask the doctor if it's possible that your having a reaction to the medication. If you are and you do the physical therepy for the headaches you may not see any results while still taking the medication. I know it's fustrating to have the headaches I went through doctors thinking I was exagerating how much my head hurt for a long time and people didnt understand why I felt it in my neck and shoulders until I had a doctor who actually went through it as well lol. If your stressed it will also help to and I know you have probably heard this before but go to a safe comfortable place alone and just breathe for a little bit every day deep breathing helps to relive the stress it releases indophins if you can clear your mind while doing it. Thats why when you take a deep breath when you just feel really good or something good happens and you get the slight rush and tend to unknowingly get a small smile . People dont really notice it until they are told to be aware of it. I do this every day and I stress a lot less. It does take time to start helping tho. Like everything else it takes time to start working but it will and everyone needs to take breathers every now and then any ways.
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