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Weird pain/symptoms - stress related?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 5, 2007
  • 11:00 PM

Hello -

Over a month ago I started to have pain (burning sensation) that went from under my navel to my right pelvic region. After that though things got weird...pain has been coming and going and in different places.

For the most part my pain is in my right mid-back to my right front under my rib (pain is like pins/needles kind of pain). Once in awhile I will have burning still in my pelvic region. Also having aches and pains in my shoulders and in the last 2 days my pain has moved over to my left side of my stomach as well.

Other weird symptoms (which could totally be unrelated) is a really pungent smelling urine (never smelled it before), round knobby looking stool with gray pieces in it and general itchiness. Also my stomach is really bloated. Pain is worse in teh morning and in the evening.

I had originally went to the doctor over a month ago for a tiny amount of blood in my urine - they found on a xray and ct scan that it is a kidney stone but it's only 2mm so it shouldn't be hurting, they did find a lot of hardened stool though. Had at that time 2 urinalyses and 2 blood work ups done which show nothing abnormal.

I take 6-9 ibuprophen a day and the pain is more constant lately. I have went off of birth control since my husband and I are trying to have a baby and was suppose to get it 3 weeks ago but haven't which I know can be normal.

A doctor told me at one point that I have PCOS but my new (I moved) doc said I don't because I don't fit the criteria even though I have acne issues and I never get my period (only every 2-6 months without the pill) - but because I'm not overweight he said I don't have it.

I just don't want it to be anything that is getting progressively worse - but it is getting worse (my doctor said it's just stress - but I wasn't stressed in the beginning only now that he isn't listening to me).

Right now I am on prenatal pills and ibuprohpen. We got 2 kittens in the last 3 weeks but I'm not allergic to them. My grandparents both died of stomach cancer, my mom has had breast cancer, uncle with liver cancer, cousin with PCOS, other cousin with ovarian cyst issues.

Someone help...

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  • Not sure how you went with your presenting complaint but i have a few thoughts if your symptoms are still present:*The pain may be manigesting from your iliopsoas muscle - a deep muscle in the abdomen that starts around the naval and inserts into the thigh bone. It can manifest with pelvic, Lower back and groin pain.*Pain that usually is worse in the morning and at night is Inflammatory in nature. General inflammatory conditions that occur systemically around the body usually have genetic/antigen traits, that is, they should be noted in a CBC/blood test, though im not sure you would necessarily qualify for this type of condition as per your description*Prolonged use of ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) can cause stomach ulceration, affecting fluid levels and gastrointestinal tract (GIT) motility (stools). If you were using these for 3 months+ then consider seeing your GP regarding this factor.*Polycystic ovarian syndrome can have varying presentations to it. If you can gain weight very easily (pending your diet also) and grow excessive or abnormally distributed hair growth, then your chances are increased. A cervical examination and blood test can easily give you an indication/diagnosis as to weather you have PCOS with a higher presence of estrogens and cervical mucus. Sensitivty in the lower abdominal region on palpation will also give indications to the presence of ovarian cysts.I would see your GP and ask to be tested for PCOS, then consider seeing a physical therapist (Myotherapists and Osteopaths seem to be most affective at diagnosising myofascial conditions)Wish you luck and hope your better soon.
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    • November 19, 2007
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