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We know we're being poisoned, we need help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 17, 2011
  • 06:59 PM

Two and a half years ago I started dropping weight rapidly, my voice got raspy, my extremities were numb and falling asleep, i was freezing all of the time and getting severe stomach cramps on occassion. My primary doctor diagnosed hypothyroidism and kept tracking my symptoms. Six months later I ended up at the emergency room with severe stomach cramps after drinking tea out of the refridgerator. The doctors thought it might be gallstones... I thought I was being poisoned. A pattern started emerging of me getting sick approximately two hour after eating or drinking anything, but only when my now ex-husband was present. My lips would get numb, I had constant searing pain under my left ribcage, the numbness in mylimbs remained, I would get terrible bouts of diarrhea and an odd metallic taste in my mouth. I started eating only canned food. Then came the problems with my makeup. My foundation and lipstick would make my skin start to tingle, my eyesight would get blurry in addition to the prior symptoms. By this point I had lost seventy pounds and my doctor gave me the results of a toxicology report which showed high levels of mercury and lead. I went back to the police with the report and they said that the results didn't prove anything. My mom and I moved back into her house where my ex had been staying and we both had nausea and stomach cramps the first night there. She found a plastic bag in the house with a white powder which was later identified as barium oxide. The next day I got into the car and the air conditioner had been turned on full blast with every vent in the car pointed at my face. There was powder that blew through the vents that made me dizzy at first and by that night I was back in the emergency room with severe pains in my abdomen. The doctor said inhalation poisoning was impossible, I would have had to ingest something to get sick. My potassium levels were extremely low so they gave me tablets for that, a prescription for painkillers and sent me home. I was obviously the joke of the night. My doctors office treated me with vitamin and chelation therapy.
The past year and a half we have been stalked with traces of powder in our cars, clothing and personal items. We finally decided to just pick up and leave and move across the country, we were tailed and the same thing is happening again. Mom and I are back in the emergency room with chest pains, pain in the abdomen, numb lips and respritory problems. Since the police were notified we have been dealing with a noxious chemical coming into our apartment. There was a motor or generator running up in the crawl spacebut we couldn't get anyone up there for weeks. It is not odiferous but you could definately taste it, very bitter. The same thing happens when the engine of the car heats up. This chemical makes us nauseous, we get headaches, abdominal pain and sleepiness.
We are not able to get help. I had no problems until I separated from my ex and our business interests. Mom and I are both sick. It has been determined over and over that there is no medical reason for either of us to be sick, it has to be from an external source. The source is just elusive and very professional.
Does anyone know if there is a network of people or ones for hire that will systematically poison people for extended periods of time so that if you do go down...it looks like organ failure or natural causes? We have since moved again and the same problems followed us. Please if you know anything or anyone that can assist us we would be enormously appreciative. It basically is a life or death situation!

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