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  • Posted By: mdunford
  • May 2, 2008
  • 07:50 AM

I am 31 years old who lost a fair amount of weight.
Unfortunately, I am rapidly gained it back as I have not been able to move for a long period of time before I experience severe "skin" pain in my legs and sometimes even my arms. I am also unable to work because of the pain. If I walk for more than (maximum) 30 minutes I experience either an electric shooting sensation from my foot to my left hip. If I try to walk quickly I experience a feeling of a "vice" gripping the area behind my knees. Later I will experience a more burning pain from my foot to the interior of my thigh. In fact, even if I sit in certain positions I experience burning pain in my leg and sometimes a feeling of excessive warmth in my feet (as if my feet were really hot water bottles). Loose clothing feels like small razor blades on my skin if it brushes against it. Now, I am even experiencing bubble-like sensations toward the crown of my head. Many times, these trigger panic symptoms as well.
I have been taking Lorazepam for panic attacks for some time, but I am certain that this pain and strange sensations are not the result of a panic attack as I have woken up to it in my sleep. I am told that I have panic attacks though my doctor never actually met with me in person before diagnosing me and prescribing the medication. These attacks are also worsening in both intensity and frequency. I used to experience them perhaps once every six months; now I have them nearly every day.
I wear glasses for near sightedness but I have also started to experience sensitivity to light, especially at night. I cannot drive after dark any more as the stark contrast feels like knives to my eyes.
Other symptoms include sudden fever or chills and the need to sleep all the time.
I have had blood work done which ruled out diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and various vitamin deficiencies. I have also seen an MS Specialist who ruled out muscle and joint problems. I have an appt set up for an EMG with a Neurologist in two months, but I would like to ensure that I am looking in all the right avenues. My family doctor believes that it is all a result of "panic attacks". But other doctors have said this is nonsense.
I don't drink or do drugs. I would just like to know which direction seems most plausible as I'm not getting much help from my GP. When our files were first transferred to his office, after our previous family doctor passed away, my family was advised that he didn't accept "high maintenance" patients. So, I think he is just hoping I will find another doctor.
I'm in the process of looking for a new GP, but in the mean time, any recommendations would be appreciated. I'm becoming very afraid and starting to lose hope.:confused:

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  • Thank you very much for your response. I am in the process of meeting with a new doctor and I will bring these to his attention. I really appreciate your efforts.Sincerely,Mary
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  • I am told that I have panic attacks though my doctor never actually met with me in person before diagnosing me and prescribing the medication. ***shaking my head at that one*** Is it even legal to be prescribing drugs like that, to someone who hasnt been previously diagnosed and who you havent even seen??? Many doctors just cause they "cant be bothered" with anything complex, will put things down to anxiety, depression or other mental issues such as just panic attacks. Ive had doctors refuse to have me as a patient too.. as my illness is too complex for them. Doctors who are like that.. just dont truely care about their patients.. so you are better off then going to another doctor anyway.................................. There are heaps of different illnesses which can cause panic attacks.. from neurological conditions to even things like multiple chemical sensitivity (it dont sound as you have MCS thou). By your symptoms.. it sounds as if you have some kind of neurological issue going on or something which affects in that way too. I truely believe that you have more going on then just panic attacks by your symptoms. I would of recommended you go and see a neurologist ...so it seems you are going the right direction with things. Sudden fevers.. are most likely caused by something infectious. Actual fevers (are you saying you have a fever cause you took your temp?) are usually caused by bacterias or viruses.(if you just feel hot at times without actually having your temp up.. eg feeling flushed and sweaty.. that can be due to panic attack) and the need to sleep all the time One condition which causes panic attacks, neuro symptoms including those symptoms you have, fevers and the need to sleep a lot is chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS).. also called chronic fatigue syndrome. Im thinking you COULD maybe have "slow onset" currently mild CFIDS (if you have, Im not sure if it's bad enough yet for an actual diagnoses). http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html That skin sensitivity you have.. does have an actual medical term for the condition.. but i've forgotten what it's called. I've had the same symptoms (and much more) with CFIDS... at one point (at the beginning of my illness) just laying in bed really really hurt all my skin, even the sheets touching me.. hurt me. The pain was so bad that i just wanted to die.. (I was in that state constant for 9 mths). So go to that neurologist.. and follow any other suggestions here.. and if nothing pans out and fits all your symptoms.. then find a CFIDS specialist.
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  • I would suggest having a nerve test done. I have not had a prob personally but I have a friend who has close to the same sensations. His nerve problem started from vaccinations. Here is info on the tests.http://www.mda.org/publications/Quest/q75ss.htmlHere are Symptoms.http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/sym/nerve_symptoms.htmMy friends muscles hurt for a couple days after the tests but when you get down to it, its better having answers.Hope this helps, and I hope you feel better. I know panic attacks just suck!
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