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Vision Loss, Left arm, face and neck go numb or in pain.

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  • Posted By: seedtime
  • October 30, 2006
  • 03:16 AM

Okay, so my medical history is pretty irremarkable up until feburary of last year when I had an apendectimy.

After about a month after my apenedectimy I my left arm started going numb. I went to my PCP, he did an MRI of the C-Spine (without contrast) and it came back normal. At that point he reffered me to a sports medicine doctor and he did an EMG, which came back normal with the exception of some slowing of the ulnar nerve through the cubital tunnel. At this point he told me it was probably just reffered pain and sent me to physical therapy. I went to all my apointments and my pain just kept getting worse. THe numbness was now pain. The PT kept evaluating me for TOS and treating me as though I had it.

After PT I kept up with the exercises and did them regurlary up until about two months ago when my arm was in constant aching / buring pain. At this point I called my PCP back up and made an appointment. He reffered me to a vascular surgeon to rule out TOS.

Before I had the appointment I had severe chest pain, burning from the chest up through the neck, and made a trip to the ER to rule out anything lifre threatening. The checked me out for an aortic dissection by giving me a CT and they found nothing. The wednesday after this I had a bout of hazy vision lasting about 5 hours. I called my PCP and we both thought that this symotom seemed more like a neurologic issue, such as MS. He scheduled me for a Brain MRI with contrast, I went and got the MRI and during this the Radiologist elected not to use contrast because he felt that is was not nessecary since he did not see anything without it. The MRI of the Brain came back normal.

Since then I have an appointment with a neurologist but I have no idea what is going on with my body. I am not convinced that a brain MRI without contrast will show MS. Although my doctor and the radiologist both seem to think so.

Since then the symotoms continue to get worse, the new thing I noticed today is that when I wash my hands with hot water my entire arm aches along with my neck and head. All on the left side.

I also get left side facial numbness and lightheadness.

If anyone has any idea I would be ever so grateful.


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  • DOnt you love it that they wait for a MRI to tell them if you have MS. They can also diagonose MS with evoked potential tests, like an EMG but wierder. Evoked looks at how fast things go to brain. Do yourself a favor, get checked for beta 2 microglobulim protein for infalmmation. If this is high, then may be neurological or vascular disease. THe last option past this is a virus, most likely HHV(1-8) or HIV. But these are good to get checked for anytime neurological problems start. If you dont have Chronic Fatigue, then ignore the virus stuff on the end.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 2, 2006
    • 02:01 AM
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  • Hello..I am basically having the same symptoms, but a have a couple additionally ones as well. Mine pains (aching, sharp, numbness) are located on my left side. It starts from my head, above my eye, neck, shoulder, chest, and especially my arm(aches real bad). My symptoms have been going on for about 2 1/2 months now. I have been to the ER, and they did EKG of my heart, and some blood work, and I went to see a Cardiologist and everything came back normal. The Cardiologist referred me to see a neurologist. So I have an appt. tomorrow. The nurse prat. said I could have pulled a muscle..(muscle spasms), or it could be stress, or a pinched nerve...
    QuietStorm 3 Replies
    • November 6, 2006
    • 01:49 AM
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