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Vetigo, nausea, pain ringing

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  • Posted By: bwagner62
  • May 31, 2007
  • 03:20 AM

I have had ringing in my left ear that at times is maddening. Veritgo so bad that at times I walk like a drunk which then causes nausea to the point of vomiting. I have had these symptoms since May 11 and have been treated for meningitis, bronchitis, inner and outer ear infections and finally Meniere's disease which it turns out it is not. I also come close to blacking out when standing from a sitting position or and other position such as kneeling or bending over. I am scheduled for a MRI on 6/1 and I am afraid as to what it can be and if they will even know then. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • THis is similar in origin to a virus that has been going on around my area.I was ill w/ symptoms you described plus many others.It took over two months for my dizziness and the ear pain and ringing to reside.It is much better now.I took meclazine and it helped a lot!(As far as the dizziness and the ear pain and ringing)The only thing I can tell you is keep fighting. Take vitamins and stay strong.I know how difficult it is. This will improve gradually.Docs never did figure out what was going on.You are right they may never know.It is a good precaution to have a MRIHope you get better soon!
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  • Jet,Thanks for the story and advice. They tried the meclazine & it did not help. They did give me GLYCOPYRROLATE & DIAZEPAM and that seems to be helping a lot today. I will not give up and I will not allow this to kick my butt.ThanksBWW
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  • Jet - you talk of a virus that was going around in your area. What state do you live in, both posters? I'm not buying Mommy cats CFS/ME diagnosis. I do not doubt that there has been some strange virus because many people in my area were sick for long lengths of time and some seem to have suffered long after with issues as a result of the virus. One child I heard of suffered a disended belly - fluid around th liver, another had severe swelling in the salvory glands..Did your Dr actually admit that it appeared as though a very bad virus had surfaced? I wonder why if this was so wide spread why it did not get more attention. Lots of people in the state I'm in - NY - seemed to talk about it, but it never got any media attention. Pretty scary if you ask me...I'm doing much better, but I have small relapses here and there. I would consider it a defining moment in my life, a very bad experience...I wish we all knew what it was and where it came from.
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  • There is a odd disease called benign positional vertigo that is simply debris in the inner ear. You can roll your body around to shunt the debris or stones to an area in your ear that won't cause you any symptoms. Look up BPV and give the positions a try. Can't hurt.
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