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Very sick and tired of no Diagnosis High WBC! Please help may have leukemia. Symptoms are Graphical!

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  • July 19, 2014
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Timothy Ladd
All of the Symptoms i have had for atleast 4 years!! I have had more in the past but going to focus on 4 years. While comparing to whats happening in the now. High white blood cells 14.8 now and have been increasing.
Decreased alertness- Very hard to stay alert & focused on tasks.
Difficulty concentrating- Can't stay focused while reading, writing, speaking- thoughts jump around. Lose thoughts easily, particularly while explaining things
Difficulty reasoning- Hard to make decisions. Hard to calculate things in my head- even simple math

Eye problems-Decreased vision when on meds and strabismis. On meds i could not see with glasses off everything was blurry. Now not on meds for 6 -7 months. I can see perfectly whe watching family guy in my bed looking at Hdtv.
I would go to sleep and could not close my eyes for 6 hous(Akesthesia)which comes back every now and then just very minor compared to when on antipsychotics. On antipsychotics i have to go to the Er.

Fatigue- I am always very tired not matter what. I could come home at 10:00 at night. Go to sleep and wake up 17 hours later(No Joke).

Bathroom Problems-It is either Diareah or costipation but mostly diareah.
When i go to the restroom i usually hear noises in my stomach.Followed by almost passing out and occasionally penis stinging/White sperm/feeling ejacualted.
Constant Libido issues- Wake up one day with a huge penis and very ****y. The next not so much lol.

Severe bloating- I wake up one day and look like a whale. The next I am skinny as ***l when compared to previous.As well as my arms being huge for no reason. Everytime i work out i just get more bloated and sick upon waking up the day after. It is mostly in arms,Face,Penis area,Legs and Armpits.

Extreme Stress- Usually when i feel my worst going out in public makes everything worse. Going to hospitals i seem like a mentally ill severe idiot. Due to not being able to explain whats going on in the way i need to. When it comes to talking on the computer i can epress myself as best as i want but not in public. Or a week later it is the exact opposite.
Mental Problems- I have bipolar/Adhd/Schizotypal or Schizo affective. I go from being outgoing and amazing-Depressed and Agitated/Dumb. On medications my mental problems are 10x worse. I would have more manic episodes/Dillusions/Agitation/everything lol.
A manic epiosde really bad every 2 months when compared to every day.
I have these pain in my where my kineys are all the time. Its scares me. I looked up leukemia stories on youtube with my mother. This guy literally said" I feel like i am dying when taking out his trash" As well as a blood streak in his eyes and Pain in his sides/Fatigue. Like WTF.

Severe naseua-Playing games or beding over causes me to nearly pass out every now and then. These past 6 months everytime i would play World of Warcraft i would ***n near pass out after 1 hour due to being dizzy and about to throw up. Crapping and ******g helps this problem. I come back to play and 30 minutes later have to go again.On medications this is 10x worse lol look above...

Skin Problems- These past 4 years i have some really bad skin problems. 4 years ago it didnt seem that bad. In fact 4 years ago every symptom i have had havent been this bad. So 4 years ago i would get rashes on my body. Like histamine rashes that would itch or burn. My scalp would itch like crazy and burn at times as well.
I have these red and brown spots all over my body. They look like freckles but when i scract an area, these darker red spots show up around the area i scracted. Like red blood looking spots.Past 6 months my skin problems have gotten alot worse. They are darker and the reashes seem to be more frequent especially on my face.
I have alot of acne all over my face one day the next they are gone. No matter how much showers i take they come back out of nowhere. Also i have yellow/Pale skin all the ***n time.

Red Streak in Eye- I have this pink eye type thing in my eye. Instead of being pink it is Blood red. Usually before that happens i get this feeling in my head. Where it feels like i am about to pass out. I got use the restroom look into the mirror and its there. Its there sometimes and when i sleep and wake up it is as well

Appetite issues/Digestive issues- I can literelly taset the minerals in things when on medications. Like for example" I can not drink die pepsi makes me want to throw up. Though i can drink doctor pepper no problem. Coke products is a no go but doctor pepper for sure.Sometimes milk tastes completely horrible but the other times it is a desert. Past 6 months everytime i eat its like i havent eaten in a week. It taste so ***n good but i get sick most of the time and have to lay down. I am taking Lynsene/Zofran/Laxatives just to crap sometimes. Those times i cant crap unless i take those.

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  • Do you have any other abnormal labs? There are many disorders than can cause a high WBC, including anxiety, medication, viral/bacterial infections. But, other lab values are helpful in trying to find the problem. Since your symptoms have been ongoing for 4 years, I doubt it is leukemia. I would suggest seeing a hematologist to find answers.
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    • August 15, 2014
    • 04:59 PM
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