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  • Posted By: tvcasualty
  • August 1, 2008
  • 02:18 AM

About a week ago I went on a long bike ride in the cold and also ate at a stir fry place. About an hour after I got home I started getting chills and sensitive skin, eyes, and ears. I progressed to a fever of 103. This fever lasted about three days but hovered around the 100-101 area for most of the time. The morning after the bike ride when I woke up I felt EXTREME dizziness - as if I had just gotten off of playground merry-go-round. I could not stand and if I moved my head too fast I got a sensation of spinning around very quickly. I eventually ended up vomitting (it was a weird black color but that was probably just the stir fry) and the dizzy feeling became much less instense after that. I also had pain in my left eye - like an ache when I would move it - and when I woke up I had an extremely dry scratchy throat.

The fever is gone now and there hasn't been any more vomitting, but I am still waking up with a somewhat scartchy throat and what is horrible is that this vertigo WILL NOT GO AWAY. I am going crazy because I've been laying in bed for a week due to this problem. It is not intense like that first morning/afternoon, but it is still bad enough to where I can't get ready or go to work or anything. I have tried hallpike maneuvers and epley maneuvers and a couple of others that don't help. I just bought some antivert so I'm hoping that will do something. Does anybody have any idea why this is happening to me and more importantly how much longer it will last? I don't have insurance so going to the doctor is the last thing I want to do but I can't stand this dizziness for much longer.

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  • Well, it could have been food posioning, but that would not give you a fever, so I think you were exposed to a virus or the flu. Drink plenty of fluids; that's the most important thing to do. Have your friends come by and bring sodas and crackers and check up on you.The ear/skin/eye pain led me to believe that you may be getting shingles, but then the vomiting threw me off. You could, however, have food poisoning along with a virus.
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  • how about a free clinic? Just don't try to drive to it lol
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  • Hi ya You need to get the Dr out to you,you need stemetil works after about 20 mins after taking one,i hope this is some use to you,i know how bad it is....:)
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  • Perhaps slightly more likely than a cellphone mast causing problems, is that you had some kind of initial infection and it has gotten into your ear, affecting it and making you dizzy. I'm not entirely sure how they work, but your pharmacist might be able to recommed some over the counter seasickness medication or something similar; it might be worth a try.
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