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  • Posted By: jessyred
  • May 1, 2007
  • 04:26 PM

A little over a year ago I had multiple UTI's followed by 2 biopsys on my cervix. Following those problems, I have encountered burning, painful, discomfort in the lower area of my vagina. Not only does it hurt to go to the bathroom, but it hurts to stand, walk, sit, sleep etc. I am no longer interested in sex and am getting depressed over the problem. I have seen several gynocologists and doctors about this problem and they have tried antibiotics because of hormone change but that isn't working. I wonder if there is somethign torn or a nerve that is inflammed or something but i have no clue what to even think. I hate living like this. I have an appointment with a Urologist next week but this is really starting to get expensive and annoying. Anyone else have a solution, could the doctors hurt a nerve? help please! :confused:

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  • I also was diagnosed with HPV.
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  • I have seen several gynocologists and doctors about this problem and they have tried antibiotics because of hormone change but that isn't working. Antibiotics have NOTHING to do with helping hormonal changes - that is bunk. Antibiotics are only used for specific bacterial infections - period. It is very possible that your UTI history is due to candida overload, and you are still having problems because your flora has been further ravaged by antibiotic use. Please research candida and UTI and vaginal discomfort - there are a host of websites, I like www.candidasupport.org. Most docs don't take candida seriously, but it can be a major factor in disease. PLEASE don't take western antifungal meds, they are very toxic and often not effective. The best candida cleanse I have found is called THREELAC. The best home remedy I have found to help with vaginal pain, discharge, discomfort and UTI's is the following: Get a good quality probiotic capsule and take this daily. Also, take a capsule and break it open and mix this with 1 tablespoon UNSWEETENED plain yogurt (organic if you can get it). INSERT THIS VAGINALLY EVERY EVENING FOR AT LEAST 1-2 WEEKS. This is incredibly soothing, if a bit messy:p . Please try this and see if it helps your symptoms. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough - works for bacterial vaginosis too. Also, are you on birth control? Do you use any spermicides, or do you douche? You may be allergic to latex,or spermicide etc... Please only wear cotton undies, and NO THONGS. Best wishesDOM
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  • What is a probiotic capsule? Where do I find them? How long would I allow the yogurt to settle? Also, I was on ortho tri cyclen but I stopped - I also noticed a trend that the pain started when I got a new boyfriend - They said he may be to big for me but even if I dont have sex for weeks I still hurt. I do not use spermicides or douche. Thank you and any other information you may have will help!
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  • A Probiotic is a capsule that contains beneficial bacteria, like acidophilus, l. rhamnosis, bifidus bacterium, rueteri, and others. This is very important to help rebuild your vaginal flora after using antibiotics. It helps keep you in balance. You can find this at any good healthfood store, or buy from www.vitacost.com - I like Jarrodophilos EPS. You can use an applicator like those that come with vaginal creams to help insert the yogurt/probiotic mixture. Again, I know this is a bit messy, and if you only want to use the capsule you can just do that and it will still be effective.You just let this stay inside your vagina overnight and wear a cotton pad or unscented liner. Your new boyfriend should be tested for STD's and candida - both can cause your symptoms. Will he be willing to do this? If he is clear, then it could be a size issue- using a water based lubricant may help. Best wishesDOM
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  • I read about candisis tonight and decided to try monistat and see if it helps. If not, I am going to try the yogurt - which was also on the website I read - and they recommended vinegar also. I will try a few home remedies and I hope this helps. I will talk to my boyfriend about getting checked, he is being very supportive right now. I read about Thrush, I am going to talk to my gyno about this also. Thanks for the help!! I am excited that there could be help!
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  • So I tried Monistat last night and this morning I feel worse and had frequent urination all night - along with severe burning and pain like a UTI. I don't understand. Now I want to go to get tested for UTI and get meds for that but i'm afraid. None of my doctors can see me until later in the month so if i go anywhere it will be a walk in clinic. I am in pain :(
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  • Uggh! I didn't recommend using the monistat - and don't recommend this now. Please understand there is no quick fix and it will take some time. Please try my recommended treatment and give it some time to work - of course, if your symptoms continue getting worse then discontinue, if you start getting feverish or have urinary retention, get to the clinic asap. Stop all sugar, and anything with high fructose corn syrup - this can cause chronic UTI's. Take some cranberry tablets and see if they help. Do NOT DRINK OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY JUICE - this has high fructose corn syrup in it and will make things worse. Take a break from sex until your symptoms improve. I have suffered from chronic UTI's in the past, and since I have started taking probiotics, and changed my diet, haven't had one in several years. Best wishesDOM
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  • I know how you feel I was in the same 8 months ago. I was having strong pain in my vagina, vulva, legs, lower back. I spend 8 month in ***l, I got tire of going to the doctors to hear that It was mental, caused by depresion, well I was so dam depres because no one would listen to me. But finally I wen to see a Urologies and I was diagnos with interstitial cystitis, inflamation of the bladder. This doctor save my life he really did I was so desper of living with this pain that just did not go away that I was very close to end my life. I thank God everyday, I can say that for the past 2 moths I live pain free, and I am getting back to normal.I hope this helps you I wish you the best of luck with your doctor appt
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  • what the doctor give you
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    • February 21, 2010
    • 02:23 PM
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  • I Have had two sea sections and a hysterectomy. My last surgery was Feb 22nd. I just recently went back to work 3 weeks ago. I have been having this weird pain in my vaginal area. I have been to my doctor's and through the Emergency room and don't seem to be getting the answer i need to sooth my mind!! This Pain has been going on for almost 2 weeks now!! I have missed alot of work due to the issue. All they seem to tell me is we can't figure out why you are having this pain but as i'am looking up online I am viewing others comments and seeing that it is more common then I was thinking. So if anybody has any comments on this please let me know because I am freaking out!! Thank you
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