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Utterly confused and running out of hope.

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  • Posted By: mtinms
  • February 15, 2010
  • 08:45 PM

Just as everyone else who is here, I'm desperate for answers, suggestions, comments, anything. To add further add to my confusion, I work in medical and I am still in the dark about what is going on with me. I'm so sick all the time and it's only getting worse. I appreciate any input. So here goes, the condensed version...

A little background - I'm 40, have had pyelonephritis 3 times (twice in the past 3 years) that has required inpatient admission for both, kidney stones all in the right kidney. I've had a cholecystectomy as well 10 years ago. I recently found out that I have multiple fibroids as well as a "mass" in the pelvic area. I've been known to have mildly elevated liver functions as well. A couple of years ago, I started experiencing horrible sharp pain in the left lower quadrant/pelvic area that would come and go. Along with this came the long and heavy menstrual cycles that have worsened to the point where my I have my cycle for AT LEAST 2 weeks of every month that are very painful. I look pregnant - my abdomen is distended and much of the time hard. I eat very little because of nausea and GERD-like symptoms, yet I cannot lose weight at all, and in fact, because of the distension, gain weight. My hair is falling out. Back in October, I had pneumonia. After the first visit, where I was given a shot of strong antibiotic AND oral antibiotics, I had to go to the ER 2 weeks later because I was not getting better and in fact, was getting worse. My white count was 23.8 and yes, they sent me home without knowing a source of the infection (they said my pneumonia was clearing??) Shortly thereafter, I started having daily late afternoon/nighttime fever, aches, extreme fatigue, and being hot. It continues- every single day but now has progressed to sometimes waking up in the morning with the fever. I am tired all the time and have difficulty staying awake during the day. A few weeks ago, the mental "fuzziness" began, doing things like transposing letters of words and numbers, missing my turns when driving, etc. Those things are intermittent, but again, daily, and sometimes worse than others. I underwent extensive workup in October through January and I still have no answers. It is impacting my activities of daily living, my work (if I didn't work from home I would be fired probably from missing work), my sanity/mental well being. I don't have the ability to even speculate on this anymore; I'm just so tired of it.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Ask your doctor to set up an overnight sleep study to rule out any sleep disorders, which should be standard for anyone with long-time complaints of fatigue, and especially daytime sleepiness, etc., but also other symptoms. If you haven't already done so, seek out an endocrinologist. I am sure they have probably checked your thyroid, but it is severly under and mis-diagnosed, especially in women, and can also cause a large variety of problems. The Endocrinologist can also check your entire endocrin system, as it plays a major part in the functioning of our bodies. Don't take no for an answer from any healthcare professional when it comes to your health. Sometimes they need a push in the right direction. If even one of your test results shows a reading that is within one point of the low or high numbers of what is considered the "normal range" scale they put on most tests, question it. Make them explain to you whether or not it could mean you are right at the border of a problem from what they were testing for. That normal range is a guideline, and unfortunately we don't all fall within that guideline, not to mention the fact that the medical profession often resets the numbers of those scales to meet more current standards (which is medical speak for enough patients who tested within the old range were found to have the illness or health issue they tested negative for according to the old scale). Keep searching, question everything, and eventually you will find your answers.
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    • February 18, 2010
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