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uti like symptoms

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 21, 2011
  • 05:57 AM

I am a 20 year old female with UTI-like symptoms.

I have a burning sometimes stinging like feeling around my urethra and slight pressure on my bladder. I say UTI-like because I've been known to have UTI's due to me having a UPJ obstruction (Which I had surgery for). But this time it's different because I have a -constant- burning instead of just when I pee. I don't have frequency really and I don't have burning when I urinate. Usually, if I fall asleep and wake up then urinate, the symptoms come back immediately after I urinate.

I have seen a GP and she said my urine test came back negative but prescribed me Cipro since I do have a history. I have to see a Urologist on a regular basis since I had surgery for my UPJ obstruction. I had seen him 3 times and all three times my urine test came back negative, but the third time prescribed me another antibiotic (I don't remember the name of it) and still not relief. I frequently go on trips to Canada to see my boyfriend and while up there I did actually get a UTI and seen a Doctor. Strange thing tho because my urine test came back negative but he did a bacteria culture and found out I did have one. He prescribed me bactrim and that got rid of the frequency, burning while peeing, etc. but didn't get rid of the constant burning around my urethra. So I went a saw a gyno when I went back home because I thought maybe yeast infection or std or whatever. She tested me for gonorrhoea and chlamydia, both of which came back negative. She tested my PH levels which were normal and did a pelvic exam. She did however prescribe me some fluconazole because she said I had some discharge but not a lot. Still, no relief. I'm back in Canada again and I went to a GP, again, and he prescribed Cipro. He never told me if I was positive for a UTI or not, he just asked me my symptoms and prescribed me Cipro. I've been taking them for four days and still have no relief. I'm going to finish them but I have little to no hope they'll work.

The only medication I'm on besides the Cipro is my birth control which is Beyaz (A general brand of Yaz), which i just recently switched to about a month ago. I did not take probiotics while taking the antibiotics and was thinking about buying some cranberry tablets. The only thing that seems to help relief some of the discomfort is drinking large quantities of water, but if I'm not constantly downing 1.5 liter bottled waters on a regular the symptoms are still apparent.

The only thing appearance wise I see when I look at my urethra is a slight redness. There is no itching and no discharge. My urine is not discoloured nor is it foul smelling. In fact, it's almost clear.

This has been going on since November 2010.

I have heard of women getting Candida in their urinary tracts and having similar symptoms to mine. Could that be the problem? Is it just inflammation? Has anyone had this? I just want some relief and I want to have sex with my boyfriend, lol.

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