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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 21, 2007
  • 02:27 AM

been having some symptoms for about 6 months now. used to have severe left sided pain in the chest and down the left arm. thought it was the heart, but echo was normal. this pain has gone in the last 8 or so weeks, so thats good. but the other symptoms are still here. i have a rash on both legs. very itchy,raised bumps. usually red,although look a little purple after showering.

very tired most of the time,sleep a lot. lost some of my apetite,and due to that have lost a bit of weight.

constant cough for 5 months at least. started with a very bad chest infection which because of an ignorant doctor, went untreated for about 3 months. was coughing up green sputum then. but that improved completely in the past few months, though i do feel it's coming back and my sputum is now green again. when there is no sputum, the cough is dry and usually worse when lying down,changing position in bed, or when running up stairs.

i found an enlarged lymph on my left side just above the collar bone. found it about 6 weeks ago and then it was about 2cm, not its less than 1cm i think. so has shrunk.

but about a week ago i think i found another lymph on the right side of my neck a little higher than the collar bone ( more on the neck ). not sure if it's a lymph or not.....

chest xray shows some sort of shadow or something on the left side. right side looks ok. the left lung did look a lot better 5 weeks ago, although there was still what i was tld might be a lymph in the chest. it was almost in the middle between the 2 lungs, but sightly more to the left.

now the new xray as shown more shadows which could be 2 other lymphs below this one, or something else....don't know.

sometimes have a slightly fast heartbeat. 108,sometmes 114.

ok. blood tests:

most of the blood test have improved although some still abnormal.

wbc was just over 33 but has gone down to 28 in a month or so.

rbc was normal at 4.89 but has gone up to 5.22

esr only tested once about a week ago and was 80

lymphocytes were 2.26 a week ago

neutrophil was just over 29 and a week ago went down to 24.

serum ace 31

platelets were 409-5 weeks ago, and last week were 561

haemoglobin was 10.7 but has gone up to 11.2 now

total protein 105

cretanine was 72 5 weeks ago, last week went down to 44

alk phos was 370 but went down to 163 last week

that's it as far as i know. will add any new results if i get any.

please help me figure out what it is that i have. im only young and don't want to wait till the doctors decide they have a job to do....if that ever happens....

please share your thoughts on this.

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  • Anyone ???Please...?
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  • If you havent had a chest CT get one immediatly and ask for a second opinion on it if you arent clear about the findings. Good luck
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  • i have had one. it said i have an enlarged lymph in my chest. along with the ones i have on my neck.still no diagnosis though.....what do you think it's likely to be.... considering the symptom's and test results ?thanks for replying
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  • check out this site www.ahummingbirdsguide.com see how many sx you have good luck...mommy cat
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  • i definitely don't have ME.i've noticed you've replied to almost every posting on here.....with the same link.is there anybody out there with some serious suggestions please ?
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  • That was a serious suggestion...Please excuse my fervor on this subject but if you look around this site there are several people with ME symptoms...chest/arm pain, lymph nodes swelling, cough with colored sputum(secondary infection) all of your sx are there except the rash which may be an allergy(also part of ME) or could be unconnected...look at the site again...several people on first glance have written back and said they don't have it either but after another look, some are starting to change their minds...Noone knows your sx or is paying attention because they all have their own mystery they are trying to solve...Hundreds of people on this site with ME sx..it's contagious..take another look and good luck...mommy cat
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  • PS you don't need every sx on list to have ME... there are mild, moderate and severe cases of it...Be Well
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  • Can Anyone Think Of Anything Else ????Arn't There Any Doctors On Here....Hmmmm
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