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  • Posted By: markypoopy
  • April 13, 2009
  • 08:24 PM

I have been ill for 6 weeks and seen 4 GPs and an ENT specialist. I keep getting these symptooms

- dizziness ( not like room spinning but like heavy headed)
- extreme tiredness even after sleep
- nausia
- some ear pain/pressure and popping (The ENT said my ears are fine)
- sudden stabbing pains in random places in head. last for about 5 seconds
- some pains in body like a needle stabbing
- sudden feelings of change in person, e.g i suddenly feel unreal and dream
- slight fogetfulness and memory loss
- some trouble speaking/listerning/concentrating at times

the worst part is everyone things its aniexty and tonight i felt a lump on the back of my head to the right hand side. I told my family and they said it was me being worried but i know its there.

I took a paracetamol and it did go down slightly but it is still there and i feel dizzier than i have done before. like a swaying dizziness.

could this be an unburst anyuerism of a tumor. i know anyurems can be caused by stress and i was under alot of stress 6 weeks back when the symptoms began. I know its not a panic attack as i feel calm but just very unreal and very dizzy.

please help me its driving me mad being told im fine when i know im not.

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  • Have you been tested for MS? (if you are male then this doesn't apply)Maybe you need a full blood count and perhaps a nerve function test.It could also be chronic fatigue or other things, but if the ENT guy has ruled out an ear problem I would be going back to the doctor to rule out other stuff too.If you are worried about a brain tumor then you could ask for a CAT scan also.
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  • i havent been tested for MS but i am male. i would seriously love a cat or mri scan but i cannot get one as they see nothing wrong. i really dont know what to do.
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  • im thinkin chronic fatigue? or perhaps you have a flu like illness and the lump you felt at the back of your head could be a lymph node, every one thinks that a flu means sniffles and sneezing etc but the real flu that old people get vaccinated against presents as muscle aches and really bad lethargy/fatigue. Depends how long you have had the symptoms and how fast they developed and whether you have had any recent illness. Im a junior doctor just been accepted on a GP training post, i know that GPs can be useless which is why i thought id make a change to the world of GP. You need to keep bugging your GP and you need to make things sound even worse than they are because doctors have a bad habit of thinking if they cat find a diagnosis on physical examination then there is nothing wrong with you which they like to think just because they cant stand their own inadequacy in not being able to do their job!!!! lol as you can tell i have it in for doctors because ive been pushed from pillar to post for womens problems since i was 16 now im 24 and now finally they tell me that i cant have kids and if they had diagnosed sooner then they could have done somthing. grrrrrrrr....... look if you are experiencing these symptoms then there is clearly something wrong even if they tell you that you have somatoform disorder which basically means your body is converting stress into physical symptoms.sorry think ive rambled enoughgood luck!
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  • Why not try treating it as if it were anxiety and/or depression and just see if it helps? All of your symptoms do fit into these categories. That unreal feeling is generally known as depersonalization/derealization. The lump on the back of your head is more likely a hypertrophied occipital muscle-- very common when under stress.Without a family history of anyuerism, and given your age and otherwise good health......it's very unlikely. Obtaining very expensive medical procedures such as an MRI or CAT scan without due cause is part of the reason our health system is failing at the moment. Please reserve these costly procedures (even if you have insurance, they are costly to someone) for times when they are warranted. Your symptoms do not warrant such a procedure. I know you are frustrated that everyone is telling you that all of your symptoms are due to anxiety-- but what if they are correct? You will do yourself no harm, and possibly some good (even relief of all symptoms) if you were to just give this diagnosis a chance and try to address the anxiety/depression. You are not being told you are 'fine' from what you have posted, you are being told that your problems are a result of anxiety-- much more common than you might think. It is a diagnosis and maybe if you were to just try to find ways of addressing it, you would get relief from your physical symptoms. Stress is very, very damaging to the body.Best of luck to you. I know it's frustrating, but indeed many physical complaints are actually psychological ones. I'm not trying to minimize your concern; I'm trying to show you that anxiety does indeed cause the problems you describe and addressing that may solve your issues.
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  • thanks for the reply, im treating it like aniexty from now on. however my mother is going to pay privately for a mri scan just for piece of mind, and theres nothing to loose, atleast then it will put all the worries to rest. i hope im strong enough to overcome this aniexty and hopefully just carrying on with life will help do that. ive been thinking alot recently about life and death and i guess i just have to enjoy life as much as i can no matter how hard that can be.
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