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  • Posted By: phoenixelement
  • March 5, 2009
  • 06:32 AM

Hello all I was wondering if any of you could help me. I'm a 21 year old male who recently quit smoking cannabis and tabacco. I have had some strange side effects such as panic and anxiety attacks. However I am now having some rather scary symtoms and I cant seem to link them together.

I experience a sharp pain on my chest below my heart, when I apply a tiny bit of pressure to that area it hurts a ***l of a lot more. The pain moves around sometimes even to the other side of my chest, but it feels like its in my lung or something. Its only there for a few seconds then it disappears for a while. There is also a shooting pain that travels from my chest area to under my left arm pit, throbbing in left elbow joint and left wrist joint. Again they only apart for a few seconds before going away for a few hours. I have been for 2 ECG's at A&E and apart from looking realy annoyed that I was there, they told me it was clear.

Not only that but I am experiencing odd pins and needles feelings down one side of my body, i.e. this morning i awoke abruptly to find that my right leg was totally numb, and i had odd pins and needles travelling from the right side of my neck up to my scalp. A few days earlier i experienced the same symtoms on my scalp but on the left hand side. This has only happened 3 times in total. I have also had a feeling in my throat recently like its hard to swallow and that theres something there that catches on my breath. I have also experienced a sore neck for the past week, i.e. it hurts to even hold my head up, it makes me dizzy.

The doctor is currently treating me for anxiety, however im too scared to mention these symtoms incase she recons im just being a hypercondriac because to be honest I have that many different symtoms thats exactly how it sounds. If anyone has ever experienced symtoms like this or has any idea what it might be please let me know.

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  • Hi,Don't worry...your symptoms are consistent with a minor -> moderate panic attack. That can be a very frightening experience but rest assured, you'll survive and get beyond it.If your doc has prescribed anti-anxiety meds for you, continue them. If, after 8-10 weeks, the meds don't feel like they're beneficial for you, go back to the doc. Anxiety/panic disorders usually respond positively to the appropriate meds.Be well!! John
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  • Thats suprising because I have the stabbing pains and neck pains even when im not having a panic attack. The doctor has taught me how to identify my panic attacks and control them. Is it common to experience these symtoms even when im not specifically "in panic mode"?. For example when asleep, because I thought that would be when im the least anxious! haha :rolleyes:
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  • "Panic mode" isn't an "all or none" proposition. There are infinitely variable degrees of experienced anxiety/panic that affect most of us on a daily basis. It's DEFINITELY possible for you to experience varying degrees of physical S/S re: anxiety while sleeping. To a large degree dysomnia is anxiety-based.You haven't specifically mentioned whether you're currently taking any anti-anxiety meds. Please DON'T feel reluctant to share the feelings that you're experiencing...your S & S if you will...with your doc. Anxiety can manifest with a myriad of symptoms, FREQUENTLY somatic in nature. Present these to your doc in a concise, "matter of fact" manner...as they ARE certainly factual to you. If she is unable or unwilling to consider these symptoms as a true manifestation of your current symptomology, please seek another opinion from a different mental health professional regarding evaluation/appropriate treatment. You most definitely DO NOT appear to be hypochondriacal, but DO report numerous classic symptoms of an anxiety disorder.Be well!! John
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  • Thanks again for your reply :rolleyes:. The doctor prescribed me Trazodone 100mg to be taken once on a night before bed and propanalol to be taken twice daily. About 2 weeks into taking the trazodone (i started the propanalol 2 weeks earlier than the trazodone with little effect) I suffered severe headaches. After going back to the doctors she wasnt convinced that the headaches were caused by the trazodone however suggested that i come off it for a week to see if it was. About 2 days after i diddnt take it my headaches cleared up at once. I must admit I have little confidence in my gp doctors they seem to guess more than anything and lets just say my confidence was knocked a few more notches when she had to look in a big textbook for the common side effects of trazodone!To be honest my panic attacks are happening less, however my sleeping is suffering quite a bit, as they usually happen on a night, i must of had about an hours sleep before being woken up with this strange pins and needles feeling. As for the feeling in my throat, it is realy uncomfortable, like its getting in the way of the flow of air to my lings, and as i said before difficult to swallow. She finally referred me for councilling after my 7th visit to her. If anything im more frustrated than anything about the entire thing... I just feel helpless, and angry at the attitude of the doctors and nurses who seem to think im wasting there time when what they dont realise is I dont want to be there as much as they seem to not want me to be!
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  • yeah that would be interesting if it wasnt in every other post
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  • Spot on - am sick of this rubbish being posted by Blaze.
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  • Hi Phoenix, Have you ever had a whiplash injury or anything like that ? some of the things tou mention are very similar to what I have experienced, regarding tingling & numbness pins & needles, I even thought maybe sleep apnia which could cause oxygen levels to drop, (you could experience these things due to that) but then again your only 21 so probably not that,Just a thought. Hope you feel better soon......:)
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  • nope no whiplash or any other medical history realy. The pain in my chest is different now, it feels like someone is now gripping my right lung and is holding it tight, its a strange feeling but its more uncomfortable rather than painful. I wonder wether its just a simple chest infection thats also in my throat which would explain the wierd feeling im getting there..? If anyone has any ideas...
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  • Unprovoked panic attacks are not unusual. Most panic attacks strike without prodromal anxious feelings (unless the panic attacks are associated with a particular event, like going outside or seeing a spider). It's a chemical thing. Get bettah ;)
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