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upper right stomach pain

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  • Posted By: girlwithpain
  • May 10, 2008
  • 04:15 PM

This pain has been going on for about a week now i just thought it was a regular stomach ache. I woke up friday morning because of the pain and it was way worst than before. I go to the emegency room they run all their test and they come up with that i have an UTI which i don't believe.... i've had more than 1 in my lifetime and this is nothing like it. While i was there for 4 hours they gave me morphin for the pain and it took most of the pain away but not all the pain. They done 1 x-ray, 1 catscan, and 1 ultra-sound and said they couldn't find a reason why I was in pain but they made sure they gave me the medicine to cure a UTI and some other medicine for pain. So my question is what could be the problem?? When i have a bowel movement the pain seems to be at ease until i'm finished. when i urinate i get the same problem or it sometimes gets a tad bit worst til i finish. when i cough oh boy the pain intensifies to where i have to hold back the tears. i feel like there is a knot in this area and i can only sleep on my right side and if i sleep on the left it feels like the knot is being pulled by gravity and i have to hold back the tears...... so can someone help??? please???:eek::confused:

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  • I dont know..but I got the same problems as you. but its threw my whole stomache and mostly around my belly button and right side and my pelvic bone and my right side of vagina hurts really bad. and it hurts when i pee..and ive been moving my bowls right. also i been having a brownish red discharge. ive been to the er and all they did was gave me a pain shot and checked me for a uti and pregnacy test and told me they didnt know what was a matter. ive had this pain for over a year and it wakes me up in the middel of my sleep cuz it hurts so bad. But ive been reserching some things online and alot of my symtoms are ovarie cancer.but im going wed to see a doc..hopefully they find out whats a matter and its nothing to big..good luck
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  • You really need to see an internist, urologist and possibly OB/GYN. If neither of those pan out, possibly an infectious disease specialist or a gastroenterologist, but I doubt those will be necessary. ER doctors really aren't equipped to handle cases like this and won't be able to order all of the tests you'll need to have done. If they can't patch you up and send you back out, then it's just not part of their job requirement to fix it or find out what it is. This is really the territory of your primary care doctor, a urologist, and possibly an OB/GYN.Please make an appointment with your primary care doctor as soon as possible! With pain that bad, you really need to get it evaluated, diagnosed properly, and taken care of.
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