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upper left abd. pain x 12 weeks

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  • Posted By: hsmom24boys
  • March 13, 2007
  • 05:27 PM

On Dec 28, 2006 I had a endoscopy with esophageal dilatation for difficulty swallowing. Within 24 hours, I started having upper left abd. pain. The pain waxes and wanes but becomes increasingly intense as the day goes on. By early evening, it can be debilitating. It gets better overnight and with lying down. I have had the million dollar workup with barium swallow, ultrasound, ct scan, mri, labwork. the only abn finding was a slightly elevated pancreas enzyme (55, upper normal being 40). I went to Birmingham (UAB ) and had an endoscopic ultrasound with showed nothing abnormal. they wanted to put me on amyltriptoline. I can't take that because it causes you to be zombie like and I can't homeschool my kids and work like that. They admited it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and they don't know how or why it works when it does. The pain is made worse by any kind of pressure on my upper abd (elastic waistbands, jeans, bending over repeatedly, eating too much, carbonated drinks) and by activity. I was recently pretty much confined to the bed for 2 weeks with pneumonia and the pain was greatly improved. As soon as I was active again, the pain returned. I am 40 yo. female, with pretty good health until this happened. I have already had my gallbladdar out. Any ideas out there? The MD's just scratch their heads and say they don't know. Anyone know a good medical sleuth who specializes in undiagnosed abd pain?

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  • Join the club. I've had this for about a year. It started as an off and on pain for 6-7 months and has been almost constant for the last 5-6. It's not that the pain is bad but it's very uncomfortable, and as you said, seems to subside in the evening when I'm not moving. It seems to have spread to where I have mild pain off and on in spots from the upper left abdomen all the way to my shoulder. These episodes don't last long, usually just a few minutes. I've also been have numbness in my left arm and a few other strange symptoms (pounding heartbeat, skipped beats, fatigue, etc.) that the docs can't seem to connect the dots on. I've had CT's, x-rays, endoscopy, stress test, etc. Still nothing. Have appointments with cardio and neurologist soon. I wish I had an answer for you, but as you can tell, I haven't had much luck myself. I've been researching online for the past few months and haven't found anything except for maybe's which the docs don't really want to hear. My next maybe, since I don't have a better answer, is a possible spleen problem since that seems to be only one of a few organs in that area. Read up on this and see what you find - hopefully it helps.
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  • I have the exact same thing. I've had the tests and they still dont know whats wrong. (CT scan, 2 Sonograms)
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