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Upper calf pain

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  • Posted By: daveskye
  • June 11, 2010
  • 07:50 AM

I am a 65 year-old male, living in southern UK.
I have always been active, with activities being (in no particular order),
swimming, running, walking, cycling, windsurfing, skiing, kayaking and Morris dancing.
Some of these activities have been at competition level. I have taken part in swimming competition (mostly local level), biathlon & duathlon (running + swimming), Triathlon (swim, cycle, run), Quadrathlon (as Tri + kayaking) and a special local event called "Hextreme" (swimming, running, cycling, kayaking, sailing & windsurfing) (a BRILLIANT event!).
I have been Morris dancing for about 30 years.
I am now retired from work, but my job was an electronics engineer in design and maintenance of equipment. It involved some desk activity, some lab activity and attendance at machines or equipment with faults.
I spent quite some time squatting in front of such machines.

I have spent a lot of my life squatting. I could never sit cross-legged, and in such circumstances have always crossed my legs under myself and sat on my heels. My dimensions (height: 5ft 8in, weight: 12 stone, body type: mesomorph) allow me to squat flat-footed or on toes. Visiting the toilet I always squat.
Quite recently I noticed that my right leg was a bit stiff when squatting. This got worse till it was actually painful.
I went to a local doctor and was advised to take Ibuprofane. I did this for a while and it seemed to improve - but not vanish.
The pain was at the back of my knee, at the top of the calf and on the outside. There did not seem to be any swelling, nor any point sensitive to pressure. The symptoms were worse first thing in the morning and after a long drive.
There was NO pain in any of the activities mentioned above - just squatting.
It also became uncomfortable to sit for periods with my leg bent, and there were considerable restrictions on sleeping positions that were comfortable. Foetal position with my left leg over the right was too painful to maintain and with the right leg over the left was uncomfortable.

Well, last week I was attending a Morris dance practice with my local side, with no problems until the last dance when there was a sudden pain in the described area and it was too painful to continue.
Since then the stiffness has become worse; it is too painful to run, the first few walking steps are painful - but it eases.
Walking upstairs is fine, walking downstairs is uncomfortable.
After lying down or sitting for any period the first few steps are painful but it eases.

After the Morris dancing incident I made two visits to a local Physio, and he located the most sensitive area which is right leg, in the hollow just inside the outside bone at the top of the calf just below the knee.
He worked on this during both visits which gave temporary relief but the pain is still too severe to walk briskly or run. I have not tried cycling yet.
Squatting is impossible.

There still does not seem to be a pressure-sensitive area (other than deep probing). Bending the leg with no strain (ie sitting, or lying down) is uncomfortable. Bending the leg under strian (ie trying to squat) is too painful to do.

I have tried to describe what the problem is and what it is not. Any help on identifying the cause and suggesting a cure would be VERY much appreciated as the inactivity is driving me potty!

Thank you,
Dave Skye

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  • sounds like a peripheral vascular disease .. varicose veins.. its a condition where in there`s incompetence of valves in veins of ur leg ...consult a surgeon soon .. u ll be fine .. god bless :)
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  • Hello Dave. Did you ever find the reason for your problem. You have perfectly described the problem I have but I have not been able to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause. I first developed the problem over a year ago when squatting down laying a patio. It has been getting progressively worse and is now very painful even after just sitting for a while.

    If anyone knows what may be the cause I would love to hear from you.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • November 10, 2014
    • 00:05 AM
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  • Hello. I thought I had put a post on previously but it appears I haven't.

    Dave I am experiencing the same problems as you and, similarly, have had no explanation as to the cause. If you had any success in identifying the problem please let me know. I then at least have an avenue to follow.

    Thank you. Michael. By the way I also live in the UK.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • November 10, 2014
    • 00:46 PM
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