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Upper body weakness, chest cramps, back pain, wrist pain, stiff shoulders... help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 15, 2010
  • 10:58 AM

25 year-old caucasian male, non-smoker, not overweight, occasional drinking.

It all started with chest cramps about eight months ago. All tests checked out fine and although I still get chest cramps, they aren't as frequent as before. I actually thought I was having heart problems for a while, but all tests said otherwise.

Now I am getting a whole bunch of new symptoms all of a sudden!

My entire upper body is extremely weak/sore/stiff. My shoulders are weak, my wrists hurt (my right in particular), I have back pain (lower and mid), and I seem to pull muscles all the time! I tried doing one push-up 10 minutes ago and my arms felt so weak... bones were cracking... etc. I was thinking I may be getting carpal tunnel syndrome because my right wrist is quite sore recently, but I have so many other painful areas/symptoms that I'm starting to think maybe everything is connected.

I did crash my bicycle right before all of the initial cramping started, but the doctors didn't seem to think it was the cause of anything because my back pain wasn't radiating into my legs/etc. I don't know. Can a back injury take eight months to start producing all of these symptoms? Would a back/spinal injury explain what I'm suffering from?

I'm thinking I should get a MRI of my entire spine, but it's quite expensive. I would like to hear other possibilities of what might be wrong as well as some things I may be able to do to help.

I am American but currently living in Japan. The doctors never seem to think I am suffering from anything serious because I'm so young, blah blah/etc. My constant pain says otherwise. I feel like I'm the doctor here with all of this research I'm having to do. I need some help.

Going back to America for treatment isn't an option at the moment, unfortunately. I will likely return in a year or two, but I can't continue to suffer the entire time.

Please lend your assistance.

Thank you.

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  • Hey, I hope this response isn't too late.I have had chest cramps and pain for a few months. I know this isn't the same as all of your symptoms, but I thought you could use my experience to help you out. Also, as I lived in Japan a few years ago, I am FULLY aware of the doctor situation.Anyway, after the usual run around with a few doctors and wrong diagnosis for my problem (all said it was GERD), I was given anti inflamatories and asked to go to a physio to get my back checked. Well, it has been 4 days and the anti inflamatories have worked wonders. I am going to the physio next week to have my back cracked. Perhaps, that is an option for you? Especially seeing as how you had a bycycle accident just before the pain begain.... god knows, I came close several times to being written off when I was there!Good luck! I hope you can fix you pain.... Oh.. and if the pain continues, just go back to the States. No matter what happens, you can ALWAYS go back to Japan.....Brett.
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  • I have this problem as well and it is related to hypermobility syndrome. your weakness and cracking joints and pain sound very familiar. Look up hypermobility syndrome and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type III. Good luck.
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  • amazing insight on "hypermobility" - In the past, a few docs and physical therapists have referred to my joints as hypermobile… it came up in a search I did for “upper body weakness” today so I looked it up and then found your comment thread. I can't BELIEVE how accurate it is in describing EVERYTHING that is going on with me! I've had surgery on both wrists, one elbow and one shoulder (soon to be two) and have new pain in my left wrist, again - i also fractured my knee by 'stepping down' too hard last year! I cant wait to take this info to my doctors. i hope it helps in my treatment! thank you :)
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