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  • Posted By: rottlady
  • February 22, 2010
  • 06:00 PM

My other thread got long and confusing. So here's the current updates etc but abbreviated


Oldest. Started in 1997 AFTER being bitten by a cat, infected with Pasturella and given tetnus shot
Extreme fatigue- this started in 1997 and has gradually increased. Now 4 hours of anything even just cleaning or visiting is my extreme limit.
Hand issues-this started in 1997 and are increasing. Not the joints but the actual muscles/stuff in between. Grooming dogs, mixing batter, using a screw driver, etc are impossible beyond brief moments, the hands swell and cease "working". At this point there is pain but before this point the hands are just clumsy

NEWEST. Started in 2008 AFTER contracting some nasty upper respiratory infection at the nursing home I worked at. I was sick from Nov-Feb and these symptoms started at this point
Tire easily. I used to hike/bike many many miles a week and now can barely do 2-3 miles If I walk too far or consecutive days or do anything 4 hours or longer get a bad migraine and exhausted for days
Out of breath. Exertion makes me light headed, TOTALLY out of breath and my heart pound (even scrubbing floor, vacuuming, walking up stairs etc..) Cold temps, hot temps or humidity make breathing hard. Even a hot shower
Cough. Coughing is at worst first thing in am and when I first lay down at night but I cough to some extent all day. Some days worse then others and drinking tea makes it better
Muscles. Legs are not “smooth operating” especially down hill or down stairs or uneven ground. Thigh muscles feel "out of contact with brain" and I often concentrate to get safely where I am going. Arm and thigh muscles fatigue very very easily
Knees and back. Knees bother me especially on hills, stairs and getting up/down. Back bothers me to get up/down, lift stuff, lie down too long, or sit too long upright (my computer chair has a pillow so I can sit in a supported slouch and that works ok) I cannot stand for more than 3 hours or sit for more than an hour without stopping for a bit. Knees and back are worse since starting Vit D (see below)
Weight Gain
Gained 17lbs in 3 years and am at my all time high. 44 years, 5'1" 132lbs
Past illness
Rubella as a 2 year old, Mono as a teen, abcessed tooth for a year before I had it removed. Many bron****is illness when younger

NOTE: I DO have dust and mold allergies to an extent. ANIMALS of any kind do not bother my breathing at all. I can even sleep with my head on one, or share my pillow with a dog no problems at all. Not even stuffiness
I don't drink soda at all, nor alcohol. rarely ever eat junk food. I can't use chemicals because chemicals and strong smells make me dizzy (even dog topical flea products make my lips numb if I touch a dog treated less then a week prior)

I randomly as I can afford take a B50 complex a few times a week. My diet is mostly A meat, 1 vegetable, 1 starch for supper every day plus bread, peanut butter, honey, leftovers from the night before. This is a daily minimum. Some days I eat more.

the meat rotates each night between deer, pork, chicken, beef

I drink only water or tea

I am a dog trainer and outdoorswoman but I have had to increasingly reduce the things I do as I no longer can do them without getting weak, fatigued or out of breath

TESTS done:

CBC/Chem profile/Vit D
ALL values PERFECT not just good, here's a few examples. I AM VIT D DEFICIENT.
Total protein 8.2 range 6.4-8.2

Neut 74.9 range 40.0-74.0

Lymph 17.1 range 19.0-48.0

Vit D 25OH 13.4 range >30

Eosinophils- 1.0% range 0.0 - 7.0

Eos # -0.08 thous range 0.0 - 0.8

Platelets- 261 thous range 130-400

Bun - 13 mg/dl range 5-25

Creatinine - 1.0 mg/dl range 0.6-1.3

Alk phos- 82 iu/l range 50-136

Calcium 8.8 mg/dl range 8.2-10.2

T Bili- 0.5mg/dl range 0- 1.0

WBC 7.61 thous range 4.8-10.8

RBC 4.92 millions range 4.2-5.4

Pulmonary Function Test
The Pulmonist says I have no signs of obstructive or restrictive issues and that my symptoms do not really fit asthma either

Blood pressure
110/60. last visit 100/60. My lips/gums never turn blue

More Bloodwork
Thyroxine 8.6 ug/dl range 4.5-10.9

T3 1.28 ng/ml range 0.60 - 1.80

Vit B12 296 pg/ml range 211 - 911

TSH 2.42 ulU/ml range 0.30 - 5.5

ESR (sed rate) 10 mm/hr range 0 - 15
B12 low normal
ANA normal
CPK normal
Hep B negative
Hep C negative
HIV negative
Schloderma negative
ANCA negative

In Dec I started the vit D supplementation (1- 50,000 IU ergocalciferol liquid gel one day a week, and 1- 2,000 IU cholecalciferol 4 days a week) that my fatigue would go away and I'd feel lots better, but ironically I am MUCH more tired, my migraines have returned (about 1 a week) and my knees/back are bothering me more.

Saw a Rheumatologist
she says no signs of Rheum arthritis or Sjogrens. Back and knees might be osteo

Chest X ray CLEAR

Cardiac Echo
PERFECT, not just good. perfect


I am "PERFECTLY healthy" but I can't stand very long, sit very long, do anything with my hands (this post took me 3 days to create and I copied/pasted it!), I get out of breath for no reason and am fatigued beyond belief

What the heck am I supposed to do for work since I can no longer do what I do (groom dogs, work with other people's dogs, assembly or other stuff)

I don't want "PILLS" I want a diagnosis

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  • I would look for an expert Chinese doctor of acupuncture, if you have the $$$. It's that cat bite!!!
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • February 23, 2010
    • 02:15 AM
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  • it could possibly be fibromyalgia, they dont know what causes it or much about it but maybe try researching it and seeing if it fits.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 10, 2010
    • 00:34 PM
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